BC Grey Cup

This is not going to be good for the league. It's OCT and there are Thousands of empty seats left for the Cup. Going on the Ticketmaster site, and looking at the seating map, it's scary. The league may have killed the golden goose. They may have priced the tickets past the point of acceptance. Paying 400 bucks for nosebleeds is a little much. Be prepared for the media onslaught that the league is in trouble again. I give it 3 weeks, then the dire media story's will start

If and that is huge IF… the Lions get into the Grey Cup the joint will be sold out. Count on it. Over 54 000 in the 2011 Grey Cup game!

In 1990 and 1999 B.C. fell short of a sell out by about 15 000 and ticket prices were significant less back then.

How many ticket sales there are may depend on who is in the Grey Cup this year as I'm sure has been the case for most years. The Grey Cup still offers the best value for the dollar compared to what we see in the NHL. But I think you raise a good point. I agree that ticket pricing can be iffy but it is the nature of the entertainment business. Some people are will to pay almost any amount so they can see the Grey Cup live. Just my opinion.

However the last few Grey Cups have been soldout by July, why before anyone' knows who is playing in the game

It's a david Braley trademark: over price and kill your fan base.

Interesting comment drummer_god but I don't get it. According to you the last few Grey Cups were sold out. I take it you mean the last couple of years as in 2013 and 2012. The 2012 GC was in Toronto with over 53 000 tickets sold. Was that sold out? Based on your research it was. I believe Braley is the owner of the Argos.

Well i went to the Grey Cup 9 years ago and paid half as much. I make about 10000 dollars a month,and have no kids and can not afford these prices. I guess the question is, if I cant afford the prices then who can?
Lots of people make more then I do, but have kids in university and have child support payments etc. The Lions are lucky to have sold as many tickets as they have. Kudos to them for only having what will amount to 5000 empty seats.
As every year goes by, Im glad I dont spend any money in Canada anymore and just save my money and spend it in warmer climates.
I just checked with the bank of canada website and 100 dollars in 2005 is now 117.. My ticket went from 90 dollars to 178. This is complete BS. What a price gouge. My wage went from 24.60 to 37.38,so even though I have increased my wage at way more than inflationary levels, Ive still been priced out of the market .

that just reeks of bad money management. I can help you with that

That's interesting Bungle. How much do you spend on booze a month? Are you a smoker? Put away 3 toonies a day and in a month you could afford a pair of premium seats on the 55 yard line to the next Lions home game!

Maybe it isn't the price of football tickets or a money management issue for you. Maybe it is question of priorities. In my mind, if a person wants something badly enough he will find a way to pay for it.

In 1976, while living on welfare, I got a $560 moped for just 160 down (my income tax return). I found a way (legal) to get the financing even though I had no credit rating, and I made the payments. It is surprising what can be done in a pinch when you really want it.

Its not the 70s anymore... People earn less working full time now than people used to earn on welfare.

I also live in Vancouver, so my car insurance is double and so is my mortgage.. Plus I have to pay MSP on top of the 4000 a month in income taxes... lets not forget about property taxes and all of the other taxes.

This is funny to me. I teach for a living, so I make a modest income - certainly significantly less than you, Bungle. That said, I am also a single parent, so my income is the only income (or will be until a short time from now, anyway). I have managed, despite that, to own my own home (in a relatively overpriced market - including taxes), attend the occasional football game (both in- and out-of-province), take a well-earned vacation every year or two, own a nice vehicle, pay between $6,000 and $8,000 each year (depending on the number of classes - a very sizable chunk of my income) for my girls to dance, and stash some into savings...all the while having no debt aside from my mortgage. I can definitely help you with money management, Bungle. It sounds as though you could use some tips.

Boy , this is not looking good , about a month to go and still somewhere around 7000 or so overpriced tickets to sell , I truly do not know what the GC committee was thinking using crazy pricing like they have .

Maybe BC or Sask will get in and the upper corners will sell but with a GC only 3 years ago and with a huge stadium to fill , one would have thought they would have priced the upper corners somewhat cheaper , and for that matter, the whole stadium somewhat cheaper .

Oh well , I guess they they have learned not much from previous lessons.
Braley will still make lots of money I suppose , but if those corners stay half empty ,the optics will not be the best.


Yup, the media will soon get ahold of the unsold Grey Cup tickets and the onslaught will begin. Also right now all tickets left are 44.50 on ticket master, all under General admin. so the guy, that payed 350 bucks who is right beside the guy who paid 44 bucks is going to be pis$ed

I don't see how they can sell the unsold ones under General Admission , how would people know which seats are available to sit in and which are not . There would have to be some sort of seat designation or it would be chaos.

Not sure where you are seeing the cheap general admission tickets. I just went on Ticketmaster and it looks like this. Almost all seats left in the Upper Deck corners - and I can understand why when I see the price. Some right at the bend in the corner as high as $388.25 per ticket and those towards the end $283.25. Way out of my snack bracket.


It's just plain greed and stupidity, This is Braley's last kick at a G.C for a good long time and the ridiculous pricing for this year game reflects that .

Because selling general admission without proper planning would be a completely stupid thing to do, the Gliebermans, of course, tried it in Ottawa. And what happened is exactly what you describe. My friends would arrive to find other people sitting in the seats that they had bought as season tickets months earlier.

The team "fixed it" by saying that going forward it's general admission from row such-and-such and up in such-and-such a section. They chose an area where no one had previously pruchased tickets, then stopped selling the tickets at full price in that area.

Not suggesting that it happened for Grey Cup or should or will, but it's feasible with a little planning if you were so inclined, I guess.

To be honest, and, with no disrespect to Toronto or Vancouver but the Grey Cup atmosphere is so much better when hosted on the prairies. I have been to numerous Grey Cups in Vancouver and away from the game and stadium not much atmosphere at all. In Winnipeg (there you go Bomber fans - I am giving you a compliment)- there was atmosphere everywhere and in Regina- well everyone knows the city bleeds green and the CFL.
I am worried about the Grey Cup being a mediocre event in the bigger cities when in smaller venues like Hamilton or prairie cities it is THE EVENT FOR EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY. :rockin: Good luck B.C. but it is tough to excite a community that really could care less about football. A friend told me the local all sports radio channel did a poll after last weekend games asking which victory was more meaningful to them: a. B.C. Lions playoff clinching win b. Whitecaps playoff clinching soccer win c. Canucks hockey regular season win d. Seattle Seahawks NFL football win.
Guess which victory came in last place--- you guessed it B.C. Lions playoff clinching win by a long margin.
Not good for CFL.

Rider Pride Nation Wide :rockin: