The game against BC Lions will be a good indicator of how competitive Ticats can be against a quality team with solid coaching and players.

As Much as I want a Ticat Win This Weekend.
It aint Going to Happen ..

We'll be Lucky to keep it close
Lucky for Us The Bombers will Beat Montreal
And Put Us out of Misery Before the Game..

Don't be so sure onknight, the good things are happening around here, who would have imagined that we could lock up Corey Holmes as we've done!

Maybe yes, maybe no. Great for the Cats if they win. Good if they lose in a close game. Bad if they get blown out by the Lions and their fragile confidence is shaken. I think a lot will depend on whether BC has clinched a playoff spot by then and is coasting into the playoffs.

An Argo fan

Maybe "Wally" will make another "Solid Coaching" decision for us like he did for the Riders! :wink: :lol:

(I wouldn't count on it happening again though) :roll:

it will be a good game to "gage"where the team needs to get better, oline, linebacking, etc,what to go after in free agents and in the draft :thdn: :cowboy:

Actually I'm waiting for game 2. Who makes the adjustments and what the results of those adjustments are will indicate to me
1 If Lancaster is still a good coach
2 If the players here are the basis for the core of the team or if we need to blow it up yet one more time

Well I guess we'll see. B.C. is dynamite right now, I don't think that many teams can stand in their way (except maybe Sask? haha)

Lets get it straight, BC Lions are "mortal", and can be "had" by any team, including the hapless TiCats.
What we are seeing right now is a team that is slowly jelling, at long last, and various "people" are "finally" getting it together to play like we expect, and Bob pays them to do.
Win or lose against the Lions on the weekend, or the following game, I'm expecting the Cats will be showing us all what they in fact "have"...and if Wally thinks that he can successully play "Buck Pierce" against this defence, then he is going to be coming up a minute late and a "Buck" short, likewise Dave Dickenson better be looking out, versus what the Cats can and will do on the Defensive side of the ball.
If Jason continues to eliminate the IC's, we can be a tough team to beat, let alone one to "prosper" through, and thats just fine with me...
Likewise, it will be "interesting" ow the new GM will deal with all the RB talent, vs ow quickly said RB's get "injured"...I'd like to see Jesse and Corey playing in some sort of tandem, some sort of reconciliation of inside/outside receivers based on actual talents and capabilities (defned as some sort of coheent offensive game planning!) and an OLine that is consistently the same through the season...maybe then we can see this team start achieving its full potential..
With BC's embarassment last week, maybe we can even cut Boreham a bit of slack, but who knows?