BC forced to cut Bobby!

It may be nothing but why the prss coverage on the cutting of Bobby Singh? I mean look at the Riders and the Eskimos who have cut players without having to say they were forced to cut players. Is it because Braley is against the cap or is this a cover up? Why is it such a big deal?

How many different threads do we need on this same topic???? One of which already had to be locked because of some jacka$$ who couldn't behave himself in it . :roll:

Just one, pennw? I saw 2 or 3 in there.

In the SMS, guys are either going to get cut, sign for less or sign elsewhere as free agents. Singh happens to be one of those guys. Its a choice the Lions made, and both the player and the team now have to move on.

Certainly no big deal at any rate , not worth one thread after the other mindless arguing . Ya life goes on.

I'd say this gets a bit more attention mostly because of the Murphy scenario ...

Considering Murphy was the top lineman in the CFL, considering his contract negotiations, considering Singh offering to alter his contract so as to stay in BC ... this is all fairly intriguing news. And Singh is no slouch either. I hope Calgary picks him up ...

Pennw the difference is that other teams had no problems or big headlines regarding cutting veterans. Braley's team on the other had made it big news. Why the difference? The fact is this move was made to pay another that is it. But why the fuss?

Andrew Green and Nate Davis got good coverage about being released too . Canuckev already gave a good explanation for this . And already about three previous threads covering this topic.

Of course it's because they're against the cap . Wally came right out in all those articles and stated as much , that he had no choice , because of the cap one guy had to go if he signed Murphy.

Those articles are from the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province by the way , why would they not print articles when a veteran is released?? After all it is their job to cover our Vancouver Sports teams , does it not make the Calgary papers when a high profile veteran of the Stamps gets released? Hardly an issue that it made the Vancouver Papers.

I believe when 2005 says " against the cap" he means opposed to having one, not against as in out of cap space.
I hope you aren't telling us Wally opposes the cap?

The thing about all this that I find interesting is, I am not all that sure how much better you make your team by releasing a solid veteran Canadian o-lineman so you can pay an import o-lineman.
And given that o-line is the weakest part of the team, is it wise to not find the extra few bucks to keep Singh?
If he was worth 140,000 last year, is he not worth 80 this year?
Some are saying he is too old, but at 31 years of age, he is actually in his prime for an o-lineman.
Not like the Riders release of Andrew Greene who will be 38 this year.
It all makes me think that the injury is more of a concern than the cap space.

Anyway, penn, what other thread has been on this issue since Singh was actually released?
We get threads on some pretty wacked out things, so I certainly see no problem with this one....

But I do agree with you that the coverage does not seem extraordinary in any way.

Arius , I read his comment "against the cap" as meaning out of cap space , but maybe I read that wrong , perhaps 05 could say which way he meant that.
Other threads on this , one entitled "Esks can't sign Singh ..." got locked and another "Dickenson willing to take paycut ..." . These were on going threads about the Singh - Murphy - DD issue. And another in which 05 pressed jm02 to say who Ted Hellard was referring to as being over the cap (also about Murphy signing- salary cap) until it got locked also .

As for Singh getting released , no doubt his injury record had a lot to do with who was chosen to stay . Wally plainly states in those articles posted on the CFL main page that he had to choose one to release due to SMS concerns.

Actually Arius got it right I did mention that Braley doesnot like the SMS in this thread. The fact that other teams lost veterans did not seem like it was an issue. I feel bad for Singh because he negotiated a raise last year. But that is the way things go I believe. Yes other teams do get press coverage but not in the context that was given on the is news release. Maybe my preception I do not know that is why I am asking others for their opinions. No need to get testy about there pennw.

So because the other threads are locked, now this is the only one actually going to talk about Singh now that he is actually a free agent.
It seems fair to me.

And 2005 has confirmed the context in which he said, “against the cap”.
So now you can debate him over that issue.
Lots of luck!

I recall the Jm-2005 diatribe by the way.
I could feel her exasperation over the virtual airwaves…we are lucky she didn’t slash her wrists…

The problem was that JM02 would not answer the question. Nothing more. So she locked it! There is nothing to debate here arius basically I am looking for ones opinion not their guilt complex.

The problem is that jm02 answered the question several times, and rw05 couldn't handle her reasoning.....and you were warned, red, that if you couldn't quit acting like an arsepick in that thread that it would be locked, but of course, you remember that full well, I'm sure.....now I suggest this thread steer away from talk about me and/or why this should not be a thread at all, and speak instead to what the topic is actually intended to be about.

I am not the one that brought it up. Take that issue up with Arius. I am only answering his question. Check your ego at the door.
Now back to the subject of this article.

It may be nothing but why the press coverage on the cutting of Bobby Singh?
According to Pennw this is normal with all clubs which I agree. But read the CFL article it comes across as though the Lions do not agree with the SMS unlike the releases byt the Rider organization.

I mean look at the Riders and the Eskimos who have cut players without having to say they were forced to cut players. Is this not true. No where
in the articles about released players by the Eskimos or Riders did this occur.
Is it because Braley is against the cap or is this a cover up? Question does this show Braley does not like the SMS.
Why is it such a big deal?The other teams released players but not with the press release that shows disregard for having a cap in place. So again why is it a big deal for BC to release a veteran?

I think I know what your getting at 05, and I agree (stranger things have happened).

Wally was quoted as saying that the SMS would not affect the Lions. While other teams had already accepted that they were going to have to release a few veterans, this seems to be catching the Lions and Wally off guard a bit.

Arius , the other threads keep getting locked because of the way they keep going . And it seemed to me that here was Part-4 now.( I fully agree with jm02 ,BTW)

Nowhere in those articles is there anything different than when it happens to other teams. Braley had nothing to do with it (read the articles again) , Wally made the decision himself. Braley doesn't tell him what to do , Wally's the GM not Braley . If you disagree , point out(quote please) where in those articles it says any different.

Yes it says he was "forced" , but not in the context being suggested here. It says he was forced because of the cap , meaning he had no more room under the cap and nothing more . It's there plain as day in those articles . And there are only 2 , one from each Vancouver daily and one brief press release that Singh got released by cfl.ca . Hardly a big deal at all.

Pigseye , can you provide a direct quote to back up your statement or did you just make that up ????

Here is what what Wally actually says in the Vancouver Sun article we're talking about:

"We were paying for six starters [on the O-line] and, unfortunately, we just couldn't do it this year," Buono says. "I had to pick one to go. If there was no [salary management system] maybe we could look at things differently. I think everybody realizes the SMS has some teeth. We're no different than any other club."

And here is Kelly Bates on the matter :
"What can you say? It could have been any one of us," he says. "This is the reality. The cap is real. It's something the [players' association] agreed to to make our league stronger."

So how are the Lions seeing the cap differently than anyone else?

I guess the owner of the franchise has no say. Are you kidding me. They are making the release of Singh in a much different tone then the other teams. It is sort of like see I told you so this SMS is not good for the BC Lions and not good for the league. Read between the lines. Again the other teams did the releases with out much fanfare. Wally does answer to Braley do not kid yourself.

This is your trouble right here , your doing to much of this. Between the lines there is only white space , your making the rest up , there is no fanfare here whatsoever . Only in your mind is there any fan fare . Two articles in the two daily newspaper sport sections does not fanfare make.