BC fans cheering at wrong time still

I was at the game, and way too many times were the idiots cheering during a offensive drives, so loudly i was amazed how stupid people were. Just like when i was at the Calgary game, but the anouncer didn't dare come on this time due to the amount of boos he got the regular season game tryin to explain to people to shut the frickin hell up when its an offensive drive.

And no it wasn't the riders fans, i saw them all around the stadium this wasn' their noise, but they were laughing when the stadium was cheering. It was so stupid even people beside me "Go lions Go" while Dickensons trying to call plays.

When i was at the Calgary game, just the wave alone and the playes couldn't here, we kept getting pushed back all the way into our endzone, and people STILL didn't get it.

I'm 23, i get it. Why can't the rest of the bloody idiots in the stadium get it, you dont' cheer during an offensive drive, shut the hell up.

I agree, I was getting so upset with the idiots cheering or doing the wave while our offence is on the field. When will these people learn or do they just not care.

  1. It's a riot to do the wave.

  2. You can't get the crowd to do it when the D is on the field: everyone's too busy making other noise.

  3. It's a riot to do the wave.

  4. Most of the people that come to the gate during playoffs are there b/c of hype and don't understand the etiquette of cheering in a football game w/o prompts and cues from our annoying Canned Noise Deviant #1 announcer.

  5. I've been told it's a riot to do the wave.

p.s. I only do the wave when the fellas are on offence when we are well ahead, it's more of a jeer wave.

I would rather have the 32-35,000 regular Lions fans at the game than to try and look all great with 55,000 fans.

How do they ever handle those 80000 crowds at NCAA? The cheering is incessant.

Let the casuals have their fun.

There is a reason why they were cheering while the BC offense was on the field. They didn't have the PA announcer telling them to make noise....they forgot they were only supposed to do it when Sask was on the field

I would really like to see 80,000 fans screaming during an offensive drive. I bet you whoever's fans do that get nowhere in the NCAA. I saw a game of 35,000 and they were doin the wave during the offensive drive and BC got procedure after procedure at home.

I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen in the NCAA, and it most definitely doesn't happen in Seattle the last time i watched an NFL game, the players always do that gesture to be quiet, arms moving in a downward motion.

If the casuals don't mind their team losing then cheer away, but don't go dissing the team after you made it twice as hard for them.

C'mon! These guys get paid to play in all situations. They practiced with the loud speakers cranked at BC Place.

Besides, I have yet to see the wave magically enhance the opposing sides defence and crack our O-line for 7 sacks?! Yelling "Go Lions Go!" does that cause our offensive team to trip over the centre field stripe basically the whole second half w/o one FG attempt?

It's a freakin' playoff game! If it was "twice as hard" for the Leos, then how hard do you think it was for the Riders? They still got the job done. We choked bottom line. Long Live the Canned Noise.