BC fan forum

An interesting read for us rider fans. Sure looks like BC has become our most hotly contested rivials. They talk mean. :twisted:

hehe...nicely played...

There is a LOT of hate floating around between BC and Sask right now. This should make the race to the playoffs REALLY interesting.

Maybe we should start a thread where we can just talk smack about BC fans so they can come and have a look.

That swervinmervin is a poor excuse for a human being.

Unfortunately, each team has fans who are morons! leave them to their own devices, and if no one responds to them, they may go away!

I agree, I came on here to see if anyone had anything interesting to say about the games. Unfortunately there's only one subject people are interested in talking about. I'm outta here!

what i like the best on this site is the practise updates.(since i live in AB)
True I feel like saying negative stuff but
2 wrongs dont make a right.

Sadly this forum reminds of my bar days years ago and u know some people just love to fight
very shallow :thdn:

the sad part is BC and us won't meet again in the playoffs :stuck_out_tongue:. The only way they'll make it is crossover where Montreal will kick the crap outta em

BC has the moved up to my most hated team. BC sucks. i just hate the cocky players and mr. Buono.

We could very easily end up 4th and olay the Lions at the grey cup, if we are lucky enough. Boy that would be a game.

West vs West Grey Cup. That would be awesome!! Of course we better start playing better so we have a shot at it...grin

Wonder if its ever happened??

Winnipeg vs Sask last year wasn't West vs West enough for you?

(No crossover team has ever won a playoff game before)