BC/ ESKS pre-game discussion/ predictions

I guess it might be a bit early to start a discussion, but I'm really excited for this game. I have a feeling that Fleming will be a key player again this week with his field goal duties, because we will have trouble finishing our drives once we get to BCS 30 yrd. line and in. I predict Troy Davis will have another 100 yard rushing game, and Warren will come close to breaking 100. I predict Ray will pass for around three hundred yards, while Casey Printers breaks 400. Esks win in a close one on the last play of the game with a Fleming field goal. Your predictions and thoughts?

You're predicting very little defence. I hope this is the case myself, because even though I like a good defensive battle, a shootout usually is more exiting.
I see this one to be close. and it may just be the last team to hold the ball at the end that will win. I am cheering for BC in this game, As I will be for the all of their games other then the one next week against the Riders, as a Grey Cup with BC in it will be crazy, and will be much more enjoyable to watch live then if Edmonton is in it. And I don't see Edmonton(or Calgary) beating BC in BC

Looks like Printers will be the starter this week. I really don't know how this game is going to turn out. I guess it wll depend on which Lions' team shows up. But I guess I could say that about the Esks too. I'm hoping for a good game. I think this game is of importance to both teams and hopefully the 2 teams play well. May the best team win.

I'm hoping for an offensive shootout. Edmonton is always tough at home. Should come down to whoever has the ball last will win.

And hopefully, it's not "may the ref's team win". Lions are back on track - back to the glory days of 11-0 - so it will be 4-0 from here on in. I'll be surprise if the Esks finish 2nd.

I'd go with the Lions on this one.. they're on an emotional high right now, and Printers is playing like he played earning the MOP last year. Frankly I don't think Ray is playing like he can, and I don't think he's going to start now.. I don't know if that's because of coaching or what.. but I just don't think Edmonton is as strong overall as BC. Edmonton could take this one with special teams though.. a missed field goal here or there by BC could be disasterous with Tompkins in the backfield... still... BC will win, sez I.

BC 38 Edm 34

Does anyone know if Dickenson is starting tomorrow? I've heard its Printers, but i just want to confirm it.

i hope that bc wins than calgary only has to win agianst edmonton to host a playoff game insted of both edmonton and winipeg

(I already have my ticket for the west semifinal here in Calgary}

The depth chart says Dickenson isn't even dressing for the game but I also heard Printers hurt his shoulder yesterday or two days ago.... Just a little soreness but I'm not sure. I heard this from a friend of mine today... Honestly, I would rather play against Dickenson just because I think Printers will really hurt us with his running abilities. He's on a high but if the esks take control early on, they'll win. I think the first team who scores will win, wether it s a field goal or a td. I'm so pumped for this game and I'm actually walking there with a couple friends from bonnie doon, down wayne gretzky drive and so on..... If you're driving down there, look for me. I'll be all dressed up with my face painted, my gass jersey, grey cup banner, eskies flag, and some custom made power ranger pants lol. say hi if you see me at the game. it'll be a good one... Esks in a close one.

B.C........by 3

Printers is starting even though DD was cleared by doctors to play. I'm totally looking forward to this game. It was my intention to go to this game in Edmonton but prior commitments at home for the weekend prevents me from making the trip.