BC @ Edmonton

It's a re-match of Week 1.

Anyone interested in playing a drinking game with me tonight? Each time a player drops or fumbles the ball, we take a drink. If you have an early start tomorrow, it's probably not wise to play. :lol:

Go Esks!

I'm in. I don't have to wake up all week if I don't want to... :thup:

I'm in too.
How do you quantify a drink? A shot of some spirit, a shot of beer or a whole beer? We need to make sure we're all on the same page.

However, if its a whole beer or a shot of a spirit for each drop/fumble, it is highly likely that there'll be a few cases of alcohol poisoning tonight... :expressionless:

I'm 5'2"...I would suggest that my drinks need not be as large as those of my male counterparts...I may not have to wake up tomorrow, but I would like to wake up at some point in the future...

Take a shot of whatever you're drinking. I doubt we're all drinking the same, so... :lol:

Damn. Cuthbert and Suitor are calling the game. I was gonna say if Black was calling, we could get two games going. :lol:

My liver couldn’t handle it.

Yeah, that's a drinking game no one can win. :lol:

Nobody’s liver could handle it!

By the way... I'm in! mmmm MGD

...chocotinis...recipe provided years ago by RedandWhite...I blame him for any ill-effects I may feel tomorrow...

I have my ubrew Munich dark lager.
I hope we have some advil around here for tomorrow...

Cracked a Corona for the pregame. Will be switching to Heineken at kickoff.

I have a bottle of Tylenol, but it's expired. Shiii...

No...but what a great idea...

I agree with what Dave Randorf just said. LeLacheur has painted himself into a corner. If Edmonton wins tonight, does that remove the pressure? And what happens if they lose next week to Toronto? Or, let's say they win against BC and Toronto, but then lose to Saskatchewan and Calgary. Then what happens? I think he put a little too much emphasis on tonight's game. A win tonight doesn't right the ship. It's a step in the right direction, but the team will still have a long way to go.

...every time he mentions Whitlock's rough start...Campbell's return to the Esks...the green zone...talks about Frito-Lay trucks...

I also think that LeLacheur did one of the worst things he could. Its one thing to talk to people privately but to come out and be like that in public that far before a game is horrible for moral. If the Eskimos are doubting themselves, this will make it faaaaar worse.

Which is ok from a Lions fan perspective. But rather counterproductive from an Eskies fan perspective.

Anyone else think that Shakespeare line was a little corny? :lol:

I find most of the things that Ford says are kinda corny, but I'm not sure if it's the Rod Black Factor rubbing off on him, or if he's just that corny.

Anyone other than me notice that Ford's IQ seemed to rise exponentially when he was paired with Miller a couple weeks back? He just sounds smarter when he's not with Black...

On the subject of crap, TSN needs to get rid of this crappy Simple Plan-sounding intro song.