BC @ Edmonton

Who wins? Lions can all but lock-up first place in the West with a victory. They traditionally have trouble in Edmonton but I don’t think Wally will let them sleepwalk through this one.

Lions win 24-14.

Im actually expecting a close game. BC will prolli win it though

On paper, if the Lions don't win this by 30 points, it will be a moral victory for Edmonton.
But I think it will be close.
Wally made a tactical error with his "lets blow them out and get the back-ups in the game" speech.
Now we'll see.

Sportbooks have BC as 10 points favourite. So if Edmonton lose by under 10 points, that would be a moral victory. In the past, BC is 1-6 against the pointspread at Edmonton. So a close game would be no surprise.

Disrespect of Edmonton is in the eyes of the beholder. Buono respects Edmonton but hopes to give backup quarterbacks some work to prepare for playoffs. Since BC still need to win games, a substantial lead is preferable.

Esks kick three field goals and lose 34-9.

No such thing as moral victories, anything less than an Eskimo win at this juncture is unacceptable. That needs to be the attitude if edmonton is to hang on to a sliver of hope for the post season.

Sure disrespect is in the eye of the beholder, but if this:

Buono was quoted saying, "We hope we get up by enough points, so that all three quarterbacks can play this week."
isn't disrespectful of the opposition, I am not sure what is.

And it isn't about "firing up the opposition" so much as risking having your own players take them lightly.
It's a mistake, now we'll see if it matters or not.
Edmonton, without Ricky, isn't a very good ball team.
Even with Ricky, they weren't likely to win this game.
But you never publically say anything like that about the opposition.
Of course Wally has said things like that in the past and it has come back to bite him.

Exactly , moral victories go in the "L" column .

Whatever you say "RLR" . :roll:


If we have a chance, its because the players are still in it. The coaches, judging by articles on the front page, seem as timid and clueless as ever.... Now is the time for our remaining veteran leadership in the huddle, to give a coach or two the proverbial finger and manage their own destiny.

. Now is the time for our remaining veteran leadership in the huddle, to give a coach or two the proverbial finger and manage their own destiny
If that happens, the 'Smoes go 0-4 down the stretch....

Wally can say and do whatever he wants, but I do think that he is concerned about Arius' opinion of him. If Arius thinks he made a mistake by what he said, then gosh-darnit he must be right.

Nothing useful to add to the conversation...?
That is so unusual for you......

Notice I never gave my "opinion" of Wally.
I gave my "opinion" about one thing Wally has done.
I know that is a pretty subtle difference, but I think even you can figure it out....

You're the man, Arius. Will you be my friend?

Anyway, I hate having to cheer for Edmonton, so I think I am pulling for a good game and the referees.

Go Jake "the Snake" or whomever the top zebra is today....

You can always just cheer for BC.

No. Can’t do that…maybe I could cheer for injuries…

Wouldn’t be surprised…

I just hope the Esks aren't embarrassed again.