BC @ Edmonton Game Thread

One thing I noticed about Duval on his fieldgoal attempts; shank wide left :thdn: seen it many times.


Quit the complaining about Duval's awful miss, as that was plainly one awesome half except for the blown coverage on two catches by the wily Simon.

And wow damn to give some credit to BC, I think I heard Cuthbert say Elimimian's name on almost every tackle! :o

That guy might leave for the NFL next year who knows.

And what if that miss comes back to bite us in the behind, hmm? :roll:


I didn't like running on that play. It looked like BC was loading up the line, so it was going to be tough to get any yards on the ground.

Just a (fact) trend on which way the ball goes wide (left) is what I observe. Complaining: NADA
Have to keep the faith that it doesn't come back to bite us at some point.

It was a bad kick, and I wasn't going to ignore it just because we happened to be leading going into the half. What the hell? :lol:

The Esks need to put a drive together.

Damn, Messam breaking a DT's tackle and steamrolling for 11 yards, and now Ray is part of our stable too! Guys, this is what it's all about. :smiley:

And that's why a team keeps a veteran FB on the team! Crafty! :rockin:

I'm going to fly to Edmonton and boot Duval in the ...! :x

Ah damnit it's all Chief's fault I say. First wide left and now wide just right.

Now go give him a kick in the ass with a running start to set him straight please.

Okay defence, back to the 4-3 please. Enough of making Robertson look any good! :x

Damn Lulay made that play getting up from the ground as Gore almost caught him, meaning that Lulay has faster wheels than does Gore! :o

Rock on TJ Hill! :cowboy:

Thank God the penalty didn't cost us. Touchdown! 30-10. Go Esks. :smiley:

The good out weighs the bad on Duval :thup: 30-10 Eskies are rolling. KEEP ON CHOOGLIN ESKIES :rockin:

YES! FORCED FUMBLE! See that's what gang tackling on team defence does! We kick ass and that's that! :smiley:

Is everyone as surprised as much as me with this team . Outside of Duvall I really don't see any weakness on this team

Looking good; next week Eskies are 3-0 going into McMahon to face Calgary.

Where are the Lions fans? Not like it's beach weather today,it's cold and wet in Vancouver .