BC @ Edmonton Game Thread

Starting it off; note the online feed via the NFL Network feed those of you not in Canada:


impressive drive, settle for 3...Keep er going Eskies.
Of course this post is on top of Paolo's, wouldn't expect anything less. :thdn:
EDIT: Seems to me the "TIME" frame is wait up to 10 min. to have the post below Paolo's at 4:17...ect.

If I were a BC fan I'd be upset at the no holding call on that EDM TD.

if I were a BC fan I'd be upset at my returning kicking the ball out of my own endzone. :stuck_out_tongue:

11-0. Can't argue. Let's go Eskies! :smiley:

If I were a BC fan I’d be pretty nervous of Joining the likes of Saskatchewan at 0-3.

Finally got the beer cracked ready to enjoy



Bowman looks revved

That was some damn fine hustling by Bowman. :lol:

I see the posting order is working just as well as the Hamilton thread.

Another couple weeks like this and a first ever eastern crossover will become a real possibility.

This game is looking strangely similar to the Hamilton/SaskatcheNOTwin game

No kidding.. my post showed up 15 minutes in the past. But seriously...


Edmonton is taking over

I agree, I thought the Eskie blocker was holding somewhat to allow the receiver to run by him.

I want at least a FG in the last 90 seconds. Let's go!

Letsgoblue your sounding like a Rider fan.

Duval punting like crap and choking on makeable field goals. To Als fans, not a shock. :lol:

I should've said I wanted a TD not a FG. I forgot for a second that Duval was our kicker. :roll: