BC @ Edmonton game thread

Ray threw picks on last two drives, got booed after each one, and crowd seemed to respond positively to Maas being put in. The 2nd pick Ray threw looked like a bad pass. But from what I have seen, EDM needs more than just QB change.

And after Maas fumbles snap 2nd time, BC recovers.

Maas is losing it on the sideline.

He's gonna blow a fuse.

Also familiar was how he could not keep his cool after the turnover.

It is 37-14 BC, will likely be 40-14 or 44-14 soon. Could be even more one-sided if not for J. Jackson's botched hold on FG attempt after 1st Ray pick.

Not to defend Maas but those 2 bad snaps were the Centres fault

Wow! Jackson compiled 361 yards and 4 TD's. Pretty outstanding for maybe 3 quarters of play.

Edmonton is lost on offence. Unimaginative, and predicatable. The receivers are not helping Ricky Ray whatsoever…

Also can’t help but compare Richie Hall to Rich Stubler of the Argo’s last year. Career defensive co-ordinator, finnally rewarded with the head coach job, only to fail miserably.



I think he'll start next week, even if Pierce can play.

EDM got TD in garbage time w/ 2 point covert, making it 40-22 BC. I suppose there'll be Ray vs. Maas debates among EDM fans.

The team Ticats beat last week may have won a rather one-sided one, but of course they should not let that get to their heads.

Looking forward to the blue team vs. Stamps game tomorrow. I'm sure there'll be a thread for it, hope to see Stamps take frustration that must result from unexpected 0-2 start on them.

BYF - please spell it correctly - it's the BLEW team, not the BLUE team... lol

Kapp wore 22