BC @ Edmonton game thread

still 0 - 0

love both teams retro uni's but I REALLY like the lions.

It's Colorado State vs. Oregon State

I like BC's uni's too. Also like the nameless Jersey's.

Let's go BC!



actually when I first saw edmonton I thought it was the regina rams

Should have been a flag there - kinda late hit on a sliding Pierce…

I like B.C.'s uniforms. The paw print on the helmet is pretty cool. What number was Joe Kapp? I remember "Dirty 30" Jim Young...

I agree. Jackson drives them right down for a score. I honestly think Jackson is better but I am biased since i'm a notre dame fan. :slight_smile:

9 - 0 BC

That works too. Rams is Rams. But not the St. Louis Rams. Or the Rhode Island Rams.

also a late slide though.

Eskimos are once again looking absolutely brutal. 12 Net Yards in a Qtr at home?

Jarious has a much stronger arm than Buck. Huge difference in arm strength.

Another BC TD. Wally must have nailed their balls to the wall after starting the season with 2 losses...

Jackson pass to Simon for a TD. 16 - 0 BC.

BC is playing well in every aspect of the game. Edmonton is not..

Ray's receivers seem to be completely covered downfield. Only pass he has is the check down to his back, who I guess learned to catch this past week. If the Eskimos can't get their receivers open they are done.

Edmonton comes alive. Ray to Mann TD. 16 - 7 BC.

Brutal fumble by Jackson. Totally let the Eskimos off the hook with that turnover. Should be interesting to see if they can make a game out of it.

BC is running away with this one now. 37 - 14 BC.

Maas is in. He fumbled a snap. LOL! So familiar!

Fumbled another!