BC-EDM Attendance

Were there actually 30,120 at the game.I caught the highlights (great game BTW) and it looked like far less at the stadium. Of course the weather may have kept a few at home and Commonwealth is cavernous, but it looked to me like the CFL padded the attendance numbers some for the game.

That's likely tickets sold, not actual attendance.

i was wondering the same thing, but 30,000 is less then half full at that stadium, so its entirely possible. i dont think the cfl has any reason to pad attendance numbers.

The Rider Argo game had an announced attendance of 29,300 and there was probably 24 - 25 there. The cold weather usually isn't a deterrent for fans of the CFL that play in outdoor stadiums, but usually it's not this cold this early either.

people take there kids and stuff to the tunnels, watch it on the tvs inside maybe when its cold

I was wondering this week seemed to have weak attendance in all the ball parks but Montreal

Molson Stadium only holds 20,202. It's easy to look like you have great attendance when Edmonton can get 50% more and still look half-empty.

just goes to show that Eskimo Fans are hardcore supporters when their team is winning...

if they were 12-2 or 10-4 they'd have had 40,000+ in there. but cause they're 6-8, they are having attendance issues.

the Edmonton fans have always been this way.

And the same doesn't apply to all teams? Shut up, you friggin Eskimos-hater! Every time you post some anti-Eskimos crap, you just make yourself look like an idiot... but then maybe you are.

How can a team whose lowest attendance was still over 30,000 be considered to have attendance problems?!


anger issues?

The Eskimos and their fans always said that they have the best fans in the CFL.. always support their team!

yet that was when they were always winning, always making the playoffs.. etc.

OOPS!! now they miss 2 years in a row, finish 4th in 2008 and possibly 2009 as well.. where are the fans???

Any team's fans should support their club, win or lose!

not start to cry and have a temper tantrum at the first signs of having a terrible team!

Riders seem to be the only ones that have their fans on their side 100% win or lose!

I remember back in the days when the Riders weren't doing so well, and they didn't get great crowds every game. In wake of 3 recent successful seasons, and a few sellouts, Rider fans are quick to announce themselves the greatest fans in the game. Now I'm not saying they aren't the greatest fans, you could make a case for a number of teams, but the Riders are just like every other team in the league, win and you will get good attendance, lose and the attendance goes down, Saskatchewan hasn't always been like this.

You know, rarely do I hear an Eskimos fan claim that Edmonton has the best fans, but I can't come on this forum one day without hearing some Roughriders fan drone on about how Saskatchewan has the bestest, more loyalest fans in the whole wide world!!!11!!!1!1!!

So I guess I was right earlier, you are an idiot. That's cool.

BTW, as far as I can tell, Edmonton is still tops for fan attendance, so suck on that. :wink:

....this is not true...

...this is true....all teams have their ebb and flow of bandwagoneers....

Let's not forget that the economy isn't that healthy either, that could be keeping some people away from games.

mite not be a big factor, and I am no economist, but one that can't be ignored.

yeah but The Eskimos haven't had to go through 11 straight years of missing the playoffs..

lets see how many fans come out to fill your stadium when your team has missed the playoffs over and over and over... with no hope of making it.

i bet you might get 25,000

There are Rider fans all over the Country... why do you think Calgary and Edmonton always gets a boost in their attendance whenever the Riders are in town?

notice how it doesn't happen when anyone else (except Calgary of course) comes to town?

Saskatchewan is the Leagues most important team, despite what Torontonians think!

Saskatchewan Roughriders are what create the buzz in the league..

I can bet you ANYTHING that if it had been any other team vs Edmonton that game, there would not have been 1 Million plus viewers for the game on TV.

You can say whatever you want, but When it comes to Grey Cup parties and events and fans that come to the games.. Rider fans do it better than anywhere else!

The Riders are valuable, the Argos in Canada's largest city are not. Enough said. Some of the most successful wineries in the world are very small operations that produce some of the best wines in the world.

I don’t even know where to begin with that ridiculous post… I’ll just save myself the trouble. Apparently the only thing bigger than the support the Roughriders get is your friggin ego… Frightening, to say the least. :?

Exactly. Even in 2006, the Riders had 5 home game attendances under 25,000: 21,082 vs BC; 23,942 vs Calgary; 24,967 vs Toronto; 23,107 vs Calgary; and 22,820 vs Hamilton. Their home game against Montreal was under 26,000, too.

I'm pretty impressed with Calgary's attendance this year, actually. There's only been one game (vs Toronto) where we haven't sold at least 35,650 tickets (a sellout without temporary seats), and we sold 33,109 tickets for that game, which is 93% of the stadium. I bet and hope that we sell at least 35,650 for the last two home games, against Saskatchewan and Edmonton. The one against Saskatchewan might even have all 45,000 seats full. Through 7 home games, our average attendance is 36,320 (or 102% of normal capacity).

As for which attendance numbers get reported, of course they'll announce paid attendance! Why wouldn't they? If someone gets a ticket, they probably intend to go to the game. And whether that person does go to the game or not, the team still gets the money from the ticket sale.

You guys need to learn to ignore CFL when it comes to topics like these. I think historically it's no secret that winning = more fans and losing = less fans. The only exception to this rule is the Toronto Maple Leafs where it's the opposite.