Good game Lions! Esks just wanted it more. Not to many mistakes on either side!

See you in the playoffs!!

I don't know, EE. Your team is just lucky - that Dickenson couldn't get it together in the fourth quarter - but lucky nonetheless.

Congratulations to all the other Eskimos fans out there, though.

I didn't see any lucky bounces or slip ups like in the Rider game. Both teams had missed field goals and turnovers were even till the end. Eskies just wanted it more!!!


Nope. Just lucky.

LOL don't you have a hockey game you have to go watch? LOL.

Nope. I never said I ditched the Riders. I like both games. You're a real comedian.

Since I pick them and thus gave BC the kiss of death, I take responsibilly in there down fall tonight.


Kanga, I hope you also take responsibility for the Lions Grey Cup this year :wink:

I agree jm02 they were just plain lucky..I mean come on... if those 11 BC players would not have missed those tackles theres NO WAY Tompkins would have scored, BC handed them this game on a silver platter......LMAO!!!

The game was a decisive win. Both teams played well and it didn't come down to lucky bounces like the Riders game.


EE, decisive only in the last 5 mins or so. For 55 mins, it was a very close game. Then after the kickoff return for a TD, our team was deflated.

Nah, you want me to take it for Montreal's lose in the cup. :lol:

oh, shit !!! GO RIDERS GO!!!!

I agree. It was close. The comment was in reference to the lucky win the Riders pulled out against the Esks when Epstein missed the last second field goal.

The game tonight against BC was close till the final minutes.

your jm02 it wasn't luck the esks kicked there fair and square! Go Eskimos!!!!

When I'm posting to any other Eskimo fan, it's definitely skill that won the game. To EE, it's all luck, all the time. If it's a good enough excuse for him, it's good enough for me :smiley:

YES please read the entire thread before commenting...I too made the comment tongue in cheek.

jm02.. even Dave Dickenson and Carl Kidd said..

Dave Dickenson: "The Eskimos were just a better team."

Carl Kidd: they just lined up and punched us right in the mouth."

BC's undefeated season is over! I knew they weren't gonna beat the Eskies in Commonwealth. So Carl Kidd.. your "Psycho Squad" special teams got torn up by Tony Tompkins.

Did Edmonton play a good game or was it more BC played lousy?

LUCK… is part of ALL sports and LUCK , usually favours the better team on that day.

Luck has favorites? I doubt that.