BC DB Dante on dogfighting

BC DB Dante Marsh was on CKNW, a Vancouver radio station on 8/27/07 in the 10 pm hour, downplaying Vick and dogfighting. Worth a listen in CKNW's audio vault... You'll have to be patient and wait for it somewhere near the 10:15 mark... the link should work, but if not, registration is free.

[url=http://www.cknw.com/dynamic/dynamic_audiovault_process.asp?dt=20070827_22]http://www.cknw.com/dynamic/dynamic_aud ... 0070827_22[/url]

what a dork.

All I hear is some woman talking along with the host.

Frankly, I've just about had enough of the public outrage over Michael Vick.
I have been listening to all the talk, and watching videos of cute little puppies set to heart wrenching music, and told that Vick is as bad (or worse) than rapists, pedophiles, and mass murderers (Osama).

And I think people need to step back and get a grip!!
Dog fighting is nasty business.
I personally see no entertainment value in it what so ever.
But as a society, we are being highly hypocritical to single out Mike Vick and dog fighting when we embrace violence throughout our culture.
Be it video games, television, rap music, even football, we accept and condone violence in so many forms and variations, it is mindboggling the over-the-top reaction we are having to Michael Vick.

Rightly or wrongly (might I suggest wrongly?), dog fighting is a part of the cultural milieu in much of the USA and certainly in other parts of the world.
Thousands of people are participating in this "sport" on a daily basis, which does not excuse Vick in any way, but it should give us pause about the level of recrimination being heaped upon him.

By all means, toss Vick in jail.
Even ruin his career if that will make everyone feel good about themselves.
But please people.
Try to get some perspective here.

Dude you're comparing playing a video game to hanging
and drowning dogs? The least he could have done was
made it a quick death......if reports are true, the guys obviously twisted.

Well Arius is correct in a way. You look at the movies being released today. But the fact of being cruel to any animal is not right. Yes it is a culture in the deep south and so was chasing slaves with these pit bulls. But do you not think times change we are now in the modern era. If you want to gamble buy a deck of cards. The needless suffering and slaughter of animals to give a few back woods folks their jollies is just not acceptable for modern hyuman beings. Vick I hope you rot in hell! :slight_smile:

No, but thanks for helping me make my point.
The acceptance of violence in our society is so pervasive, that you can't even see the simple reality I am talking about.
And that is a far greater concern than Michael Vick.

Didn't listen to the comments but yes Arius does have a point to a degree but comparing anything like a video game, not reality BTW, to dog fighting where life is being sacrificed for strictly gambling and so called gamesmanship and is illegal unlike legal hunting, is just plain wrong.
Vick deserves, like anyone who has been caught doing this illegal activity, time as indicated by the legal system. Yes, the whole thing is being played out of proportion, it seems to be getting the same amount of headlines as the war in Afghanistan for example, but still it is an illegal activity involving life. He must pay.

The guy is a public figure and role model for young people, which is why he is being crucified by the media.

Doesn't mean I believe that he deserves all the hate he's gotten, but he did make a big mistake and being in the position he's in, he's paying for it dearly.

You never cease to amaze me, 05.
That was one of the more mature, well considered responses you maybe have ever made.
By all means, despise Vick if you want people.
Rot in hell!!

That isn't what I am annoyed about.

I just think that the vast majority of the conversation on this issue has spun completely out of control and shows almost no perspective.

Anyway, apparently, the reference to video games has caught the attention of some.
So maybe it requires clarification.
I am not comparing dog fighting to playing video games.
Anymore than I was comparing it to rap music--also mentioned in the same sentence.
The point being made is that as a society, we accept violence.
We sell it, we promote it, we live it, we breath it.
Violent video games are just an example, a symptom, not the disease itself.
So when someone like Michael Vick falls prey to a violent aspect of this violent society, how come we are so shocked, so outraged?
I just think it is way out of proportion to the crime.

It usually takes a high profile case like this to shed some light on just how widespread and endemic something like dog fighting is.
So in the end, hopefully something positive will come out of this.

And if Vick is sincerely sorry, serves his time, and learns from his mistakes, then if he gets an opportunity to play football again, I am fine with that.

Well said Arius, I agree.

Nice speech Arius, but whats your point?

Should society as a whole just of shrugged their shoulders and said, "Doesnt surprise me."

Personally my comment to friends was, "Million dollar body, ten cent brain."

If you haven't seen my point yet, I am not certain if further explantion will help, but what the heck....

The point is, there is something terribly wrong in our society and it isn't Michael Vick.
I see a far greater area of concern when the Vick story so consumes the media and the public and so outrages everyone, when in reality, they do just "shrug their shoulders" about a lot of far worse things than what Vick has done.
When people are saying what he did is as bad, or worse than the acts of pedophiles, rapists and terrorists, then I think we as a society have far more serious issues to deal with than just a few dog fights.
The point is, and hopefully it is clear enough this time, in a society which relishes, even demands its violent releases in its video games, its music its TV and movies and its sports, to trash Micheal Vick for being a part of that culture and to villify him beyond any sense of propriety or common sense, is just becoming very tiresome...

The guy made a mistake. It was heinous. Put him in jail.
But it is hardly the story of the century.
The point is, get some perspective.

Arius, I'm not the brightest dude in this crazy world of ours but I have absolutely no problem at all comprehending what you're saying and I completely agree.

That being said, some people will question your posts just because they don't agree, par for the course and justified really everyone is entitled to their opinion.

No problem with that, Earl.
But there is a difference between "I disagree with your point and here is why...", and "I don't see your point"
One is useful, one not so much...
Anyway, I am not trying to avoid controversy here, so if people disagree, them let me have it!!
But having an opinion and being able to justify it remain different issues....

...anyone referring to this as so called 'sport' in any way shape or form is way off base....this is not a 'sport' ....no more than humans, being fed to the lions in roman arenas, was 'sport'....i call it sadistic...and if that's the way things are going now- a -days...then it looks like the roman scenario is on its way to be historically repeated....No way can this crap be allowed to creep in and flourish in todays society....and if that's sounds like i appear to be a sanctimonious ar$e ,so be it....Someone has to protect the rights of animals and beings that can't protect themselves...Cave men were more considerate of their animals...sure says a lot about todays society... :roll:

To me its completely understandable the attention
its received down in the US. People down there are
passionate about their ball, and also passionate
about their love for dogs.

I'll leave it at that, I hadnt planned on even
posting once on this topic.

Like i said earlier, "Million dollar body, ten cent

To me its completely understandable the attention
its received down in the US. People down there are
passionate about their ball, and also passionate
about their love for dogs.

I'll leave it at that, I hadnt planned on even
posting once on this topic.

Like i said earlier, "Million dollar body, ten cent

Dust, Mike Vick isnt the only role model… I mean, people wanna be like actors. And there is a lot of violence in movies. You have that Grand Theft Auto video game series. All young people pretty well, including myself like those games. They are violent as hell and just unlawful i suppose you could say (cant think of the right word)… You have rappers being role models as well. 50 Cent is who a lot of little kids want to be like I guess… And we all know 50 Cent was a drug dealer. AND the man had that movie Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. I saw that movie and it was like just ugly as far as the violonce and negativity involved in it.

Why arent those people, and industries being ripped apart like Mike Vick?

I dont condone dog fighting in any way. It is ugly, disgusting, cruel and just horrible. But let the man do his time and then people got to get off his back. He is facing the consequences for his actions and has admitted what he has done.