BC Crushes Calgary

Wow! What a demolition of the Stamps. Yah, they didn't have Hank but we never had Dickenson either. I always say that a QB needs at least 3 games to get into the flow of things. JJ now has some games under his belt and BC is unbeatable. Best running game, best recievers, fewest points allowed, most points scored, most sacks, most interceptions, deepest bench, Geroy Simon and big bad Rob Murphy. The Grey Cup is going to be like eating a cupcake this year. Need I say more.

Calgary never really had a chance after they let BC get ahead so easily. It's not like they played sloppy offensive ball either, they just couldn't stop BC's O all game long.

I feel badly for the Stamps after this one. I was at the game and I wanted it to be closer than it was. JJ did not look like a third-stringer out there. I thought Akili played well for the time that he was in there.

The game was practically over in the first few minutes.

I was surprised that the Stamps defense was so...ordinary. It's no wonder they lost to the Cats. It wasn't the offense that lost the game for the stamps (which would have been an excuse with your main pivot out), it was the defense that lost the game...and they have no excuse.

Their defence certainly didn't help them tonight. For the first time since I can remember, the Lions started out really strong in this one. Two touchdowns in the first 6 minutes and they were well on their way to the victory.

The Lions can smell the Western Final at the Dome, and 55,000 fans will be there to support them.

Congratulations Jarious Jackson, 23-28 for 307 yards and 3 TD's! Outstanding!

Joe Smith with another 100+ game and 1 TD. Leading the CFL in both rushing and TD's. The season only seems to be getting better.

The only downfall for tonight was McCallum getting injured. I really hope he is ready for next week.

Without a strong offense, Calgary cannot hide its weak defense. No surprise that BC won easily. BC sure looks like the best team in the league.

Explain why then, that BC's passing offence is LAST in the league??

I'll tell you why the Lions are LAST in the league in offence.

1)Joe Smith
2)Ian Smart
3)Lions D and special teams giving the Lions a short field to work with.

Lions seem to make their takeaways count.

I can't disagree with that.

Not to mention

  1. Dave Dickenson injured
  2. Buck Pierce injured

Now that Jarious has found his game, watch out. This team is scary.

Just wanted to say that I sat a few rows away from Sherko Haji-Rasouli tonight. He got a standing ovation from my entire section at BC Place. Really nice guy, waved and talked to everyone. Even took pictures with fans.

Tough one tonight for the Stamps.
They didn't look like they were ready to go at the opening whistle, though the Stamp defence has been weak most of the year.
But after those first two drives seemed to settle down.

Akili was playing okay, but once he went down, it was pretty clear Mr. Nealy is not ready for prime time.

As usual, the Lions take advantage of their opportunities.
Good on them.

Really fun game to be at. Great overall team effort. Calgary is respectable. I had a great time.

…i missed the game last night, Mrs. R&W had a company function in Red Deer that I went to with her…I did PVR it but not sure if it’s worth watching lol…anyways, neither here nor there…

…congrats to the BC Lions and their fans for this very convincing win…I knew we were in tough but, wow, that was a statement win…after dropping a couple at home a few weeks back your team has shown that the dome is again a den that the visitors can not tread easily into…solid game men in orange and black, good job…

Good game by the Lions and very poor preperation by the Stamps. I watched it Red and believe the Lion fans have every right to be proud of their team. The only positive things out of that game for Calgary were special teams coverage and Smith did not bad until he had to go out of the game. Also Nealy being a raw rookie showed with some playing time he might have some tools. Other then that it was a clinic put on by the Lions.

Hey RW05 , I know it was not a good game for you guys and I don't like to post after we win as it may come off as gloating. But there were IMO positives for your team . Mainly your #3 QB , I believe he actually looked pretty good considering the circumstances. He ran very well and can throw on the run.
We went ,as you already know , through this as a team too. JJ did not impress at first and drew no trade interest prior to this season but now we are so glad to have him in our camp. WB was right to have seen something in him all along .
I think for Nealy it is the same , he will become a good QB if given the same chance.

Thanks PW for the encouraging words. Yes Nealy is a porject for the future. That was an excellent test under fire. Your team is doing very weel considering the fact of the amount of injuries in keep positions. By the way I do not consider it gloating. Your post was considerate and I wish the Lions great succes in their GC game this year.

RW05, I still think if Hank gets healthy that we'll be playing you guys under the Dome in the Western Final :smiley:

To echo comments already made on this thread, I thought Calgary’s two QB’s looked very promising last night. They just might keep the ship afloat until Henry (the most dangerous quarterback in the league in my opinion) gets back. The Calgary defense is another matter, although you could make the case that they were on the field way too long last night. Going into the season, the prevailing wisdom was that this would be the Stamp’s weakness and it looks like that assessment may be accurate.

As for the Lions, I’m still having difficulty jumping on the J.J. bandwagon. I think he’s a hell of a third string quarterback but third string none-the-less. I don’t know why Buono didn’t give Pierce some playing time in the fourth quarter. Maybe he thinks Dickenson is done and he is comfortable with Pierce’s development to date but needs to bring Jackson up to speed. Who knows (well, Wally does I guess)?