BC Coaching Staff

There has been a lot chatter about the lack of professionalism within the BC Lions coaching staff.

Have a look at the coaching staff page on their team site. No coordinated clothing, no O-Line coach ( Bates). QB coach Drew Tate in a camo jacket. Yup just reeking of discipline.

Tate, probably the least mature QB in years, coaching QBs? Yup I can see Reilly running to him for assistance and guidance.


…experience breeds professionalism and other than Stubler there’s just not a whole lot of coaching experience there…

agreed …but it doesn’t take much in the way in common sense to KNOW that the coaches should at least be wearing team clothes in their pictures. I mean…c’mon. Even your bowling team or softball team knows that.

…very true, if the coaches are not aware then at least a PR/Media person should be controlling the message…

Well if the coaches don’t know how can they possibly be trusted to make good decisions down the road on important decisions? Baffling.

Individualism versus team awareness is very apparent in the pictures .

I know someone will curse me out for the next point .

I always hate the way the baseball cap is slung to one side .

The cap is suppose to be worn with beak in front .

Personally the guy maybe exactly what I like in a person or a coach but that hat worn like that just bugs me .

Can’t help it but if I hired him I Would say listen when you win a championship for me wear it any way you like backwards or inside out but until then it’s worn correctly .

You are not a leader of a rebellion your a leader requiring self sacrifice for the greater of the whole which includes some conformity like wearing your hat correctly .

I am Not even an old school type just you need to prove yourself then you get that xtra benefit of style over convention .

Being a HC is a huge responsibility step from DC .

I never thought about it, but you’re right. It should be all suits and ties or all team colours. With people wearing … whatever … it makes it look like the coaching staff is not all on the same page.

It’s just a perception thing, but with these Lions, perception is all they’ve got.

Those out in the left coast can answer this, just like here in Toronto where Chamblin will likely be fired, should the same thing happen to Claybrooks?

Ed Hervey is the GM. so he basically is in charge of coaching personel.
This should be an obvioys standard. But since it apparenyly is not.
Than its his job to set the ground rules

This is how a professional football coaching staff and organisation should look like . 8)


X 2

Yes indeed

You … seriously think wearing your cap a certain way says squat about one’s ability to sacrifice for the great good?

Guy could be the best team player ever in the locker room but his cap’s on the side so he’s a pariah?

BUT ALSO … that belief vanishes if the guy “proves himself”? So it’s suddenly OK when you go through some completely nebulous definition of proof which will mean something different to every fan?


Well FIRST and foremost

He’s the head coach not just a guy in the locker room .

And yep I hate seeing a guy with his cap worn like that just rubs me the wrong way just like a guy wearing his pants too low .

And yes when I hire someone I look at their appearance and make a decision on what the job is and what is the importance to that outward appearance .

If a guy is labourer in a trade is different than a guy who is in a more customer interaction job .

Sometimes a neck tattoo might not be appropriate as it tells you something about decision making .

Plus A head coach is different than the DC the standards increase with the elevated position .


I made it clear this was a personal opinion based on what I don’t like to see and what I see as a style that rubs me the wrong way and I know won’t bother others .

I placed myself in a fictional position as owner in a fictional conversation with Claybrooks .

Bill Belichick for example looks like a worn out disgruntled gym teacher on the sidelines but he gets a huge pass as his success translates past the sloppy appearance .

That’s how I see it .

I have to agree that a coach needs to look the part. It all starts with presentation. Put it this way, if you were hiring a manager, and they walked into the office like that, would you hire them?

the Argos dont have photos for the coaching staff, but this sure beats your display 8) 8)