BC clintches the west with a WIN against the eskies!!!!

if ( or when ) BC beats edmonton this week, they will have 12 wins, and 24 points....Edmonton will be 7-6 with 14 points.

THEREFORE.....if BC wins this week they have 5 more wins ( with 6 games remaining ) than edmonton AND edmonton will ONLY have 5 games remaining.....so unless BC losses EVERY GAME and edmonton WINS everygame, BC WILL CLINTCH top spot in the WEST.

if BC wins this week, they should start selling tickets to the Scotia Bank west division championship at BC Place!!!! ( cuz i doubt they'll finish the season with 6 straight losses, COUPLED with edmonton finishing 5-0 )

BC clinches 1st in the West with a Riders loss on Friday and a win on Saturday. Even if BC beats Edmonton, and BC loses the rest of their games and the Esks win theirs, BC still wins out because they have won at least 2/3 against the Esks.

Edmonton is failing apart, BC will beat them easy!

i bet the LIONS owners are really happy with that CHING-CHING sound!!!!

im sure this season made a bunch of new LIONS fans and CFL fans in BC!

If Lions win against Esks and lose the rest of their games for the season and if Riders win the rest of their games for the season, Riders take first.

Lions win the tie breaker over Esks and Riders would win tie breaker over Lions if this scenario were to happen.

and man would that be sweet. Too bad it ain't gonna happen. But I would love it to be so

You are correct, I hadn't even considered Sask a threat to go undefeated the rest of the season, but you're right.

BC will just have to beat them at least 1 more time then

Dont forget Calgary........

Lolz...yes! lets not forget Calgary...they will be in my prayers... :smiley:

no...calgary, if they went unbeaten for remaining games would finish 12-6...and if bc beat one more team all year and lost all the others, theyd finsih 12-6. BUT BC has the better record aginst calgary , so would get the top spot in event of a tie in points

the only teams who can catch BC are edmonton and sask, BUT THAT WONT HAPPEN

ya its impossible! just like blocking a field goal, IMPOSSIBLE!


:shock: what was that!?

Just a reminder, never say never in the wild world of the CFL.

the drumming_god has spoken...

...and i couldnt agree more!

Anyone want to bet on who wins the West?

No shortage of images on the topics tonight. I wouldn't even dream of a CFL beening over untill the clock reads 0:00 in the 4th.

Yeah, I say BC, easy money.

Do you mean first place or the Western Final playoffs.