BC Canadian QB gamble

Looks like BC is going all in with Canadian QBs. Not seeing any O-line signings though.

The O-line can be fine with a RB that can find the holes to run thru. It's not all on the big men up front. Same with pass protection. Roarke's pass completion percentage may below 60% this coming season, but his timing on throwing will keep him vertical, and his O-line healthier, and ready to attack on running plays.

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Good luck to both Canadian QBs.

Still need a veteran to mentor them.


Are they thinking Harper is that veteran? I'm a bit surprised by this signing.

Surprising is right. Isaac Harker is unproven in the CFL. Can't be considered 'the veteran'. Hopefully, He is not there to replace the one of the Canadian QBs

I don't think Harker is slotted in to replace either of the National QBs. I would guess that none of the three is slotted in as definite starter (though Rourke is probably the favourite at this point). They're hoping that during training camp competition at least one of the three young QBs can step up and prove himself starter material.

They've both sat behind veterans, O'Connor (TOR, CAL) and Rourke (Reilly). The need for a veteran is over, they're in their second and third years.

What if he shows the best out of the three in training camp?

His Mom will be proud but he is not getting the job.

Third string depth and a camp arm with potential.

I'm always rooting for Canadian QBs. Not sure they get a fair chance

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