BC @ Calgary

Let's hope this game is a little more entertaining. Although it wouldn't take much to top the last game...

ya. i agree! i feel that BC is going to come to play tonight and we will have a 3 way tie for 1st in the west and overall league.

o/u in penalties tonight 145.5 i pick the under.... i think glenn is going to have a big game.

I know Dunigan doesn't wanna make excuses, but what the hell was Mallett doing on that pick 6? :expressionless:

Hey, instead of throwing the ball away, let's take a 20 yard sack. :roll:

Is anybody watching this game ?

The game threads seem to be dead this season. Kind of unfortunate.

Does anyone else think Dunigan gets liquored up before the games? :lol:

What was he saying about chocolate covered coffee beans, how many did he have before this game? I was at a few nightclubs when he showed up so I know he does drink.

Great defence leaving Harris wide open. :thup:

Still think Calgary is overrated and BC underrated.

Can the Stumpeders come back with a winning drive. My money on the Stumps. :cowboy:

pussycats win. Andrew harris should be made mayor of Vancouver11 :roll: 8) :rockin:

What blows my mind a little in this game...1 sack
And Calgary must have set the season low for penalties

Thats a huge win for the Lions!!! West is shaping up to be a crazy race. :rockin:

Thank you for that after enduring the Argos/Als.

That's funny! I remember flying home (to Calgary) from Regina after '09 WF, the TSN crew was on the same flight and I was right behind Matt.....for a one one hour trip, he got A LOT of Crown Royal in :rockin:

I will say, Gord Miller calls a good game, but Dunigan is not the best colour man....

I think Dunigan is a great color man. This isn't rocket science and is supposed to be fun.

:thup: :thup:

Completely agree. I like to watch football to have fun, joke around with the people I'm either at the game with or watching on TV with. I want it to be light and fun! After all IT IS A GAME!

I've even moved seats at games live if some fans near me are the type who seem to be too serious and seem angry all the time - complaining nonstop about something every single play. You know the type - every play should have been a penalty against the other team, no penalty against your team is the right call. Any good play by the other team is not a good play - it is because some guy on our team is an 'f'n useless tool that should be benched!' or every good play by the other team is because 'our g. damn head coach (or defensive coordinatior or the offensive one) don't have an f'n clue what they are doing.' Or my favourite 'this is just making me sick!' when your team is only down by a few points early in the second quarter.

Some of them post the same way on road game threads during the game on team chat boards here. They completely take the enjoyment and fun of being a fan out of the game.

I just pray I don't have those types sitting near me at THF - because once we finally get in there I'm expecting sell-out games making it tough to move. I would love it to have somebody like a Matt Dunnigan sitting near me having fun - interacting with not only his friends but others seated in the same area. Getting into the game in all the right ways.

Games in any sport that I truly enjoy are the games where you are not only chatting with the friends you went to the game with but games where you get chatting and interacting in a fun way with those sitting around you. I have a feeling Dunnigan would be exactly that kind of fan too.

Boy you are so right.

Hell would be sitting by Bungle boy.

I'll take Dunigan over Forde any day.

Back to the game, what was Benevidies thinking going for 2 with almost 10 minutes to go in the game. Had Calgary not fumble and they kicked the field goal you could pin the loss squarely on his decision. Lions won tonight despite their idiot coach.