BC @ Calgary

Hello, 0-4, how are you?

BC going for a cheap shot? Come on, guys. The Lions are the class of the league. Quit trying to sully their good name.

Not bad; 0-4 also....ugh

It's nice to have company. :lol:

Not only that, but the class of the league is the Edmonton Eskimos. WOOOOOO :cowboy:
30-8 Lions.........welcome to third place :stuck_out_tongue:

Goodnight Calgary. This one is OVER! Game over, man. Game over.

It ain't over yet. If this season has proven anything it's that no lead is.......................Oh yeah, I forgot they're not playing the Riders. Never mind. Game over. :wink:

Your teams is down 31-8 with 2 minutes to go and you sit in the stands in a red storm trooper costume. Is that when you start to realize how ridiculous you look?

B.C. FG - 34-8 Lions final..

:lol: You gotta admire him. He's obviously a diehard.

I feel sorry for his wife/girlfriend. "No way, he's not with me! :lol:

Video replay is not ruining the game, officiating is.
Refs are second-rate in the CFL and so is TV coverage.
Just once, I want to see a replay that actually shows the screwed up call.
The coverage we get usually shows an angle that we cannot tell what is going on.

WOW , you are off to a flying start. :lol: :wink:

All refs in every league suck. I have seen many replays that have shown blown calls and have the com. saying it was a blown call.

Video replay is not IMHO ruining the game, in fact I believe that it is adding to the experience. I also do not believe that the refs are second rate, they are however human.

What I don't understand is how can the video replay guru still get it wrong as we have seen on occasion?

Yep those Stamps fans look ridiculous in thier out fits :lol:

Yep they certainly do not look as cosmopolitan and debonair as having a melon on their head. :cowboy: :lol:

I pretty much agree. As for the latter - video replay gurus are also human and there are still subjective calls. As for the replay camera coverage being inadequate, what do you expect? They can't possibly afford to have enough cameras to catch all the possible angles - besides the cameras are there primarily for TV coverage and are directed to capture the action on that basis as the game unfolds not as we know things to be only in hindsight for video review.

As is usual though, the loudest whiners about ref's and "bad" video review calls are typically looking to deflect blame for an abysmal performance by "their" team. Personally, I haven't seen a blown video review call this season.

whoa holey crapinzki did the stamps get schooled...ouch..

BC may have gotten their ugly games out of the way early... they will be tough to beat from here on out...

My point VoR. The on field officals can always fall back on the fact that they get one look at full speed argument. And the on field guys will make mistakes. Usually on a close call or a situation where they have been unable to get to a good position to see the play from the best angle. THAT is why we have video review. Video review does not have the luxury of those problems to back up their incompetence. They get to watch it several times, at full speed, half speed, slo mo, stop the video at the crucial frame and from usually 3-4 angles. Occasionally the cameras are not going to be able to give a definitive view, but that should be the exception not the rule. They have blown way too many calls already and we're not even 1/3 of the way through the season and twice this season they just decided not to bother with a review in the last 3 minutes.

I would rather see a game decided on human error than human incompetence.