BC @ Calgary

When they were showing Mitchell's stats, shouldn't it have said 4 tackles and 1 arm break?

Yikes. Already a combined 40 yards in penalties. Gonna be a gooder! :lol:

You expected something different from Clarke?

On a side note I hope someone takes Mitchell’s head off tonight.

I think it'd be worth a 15-yarder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huge catch for Calgary. Stamps marching down the field. :thup:

Just as I say that, Glenn throws a pick. Craaap! :lol:

Now BC’s marching. (See if I can work the reverse jinx. lol)

If it keeps on Raining,
Levee's going to break; music/lyrics by Led Zepplin
The reverse jinx is on....come on Stampeders, pick up the slack :cowboy: 3-2 Lions lead

What's this, Mitchell picking up a stupid penalty? Nooo...

Don't the refs call obvious offensive offsides anymore?

Say it ain't so Joe. Next thing your going to tell me is Santa Claus isn't real.

3-2 and Mitchell head hunting. I went to a CFL game and a hockey game broke out. :wink:


85 yards in penalties...

I cringe every time I see Clarke or Proulx. I think they love the sound of their own voices.

Kind of like Joey Crawford in the NBA, eh? Every time I see he's calling a Lakers game, I think, "Here we go!"

How many times have we seen players with better control for longer have a catch ruled incomplete by video review. Yet another inconsistent/blown call from video review. Time to get rid of video review, it's ruining the game.

I don't watch basketball so I'll take your word for it. I would compare it to seeing Stephen Walkom step on the ice for an NHL game.

Did the early game use up the scoring quota or what? :lol:

Not sure but I think the Riders use all the available defensive mistakes for today. :wink:

Wow. Guy totally missed the tackle on Bruce. I'd be more than a little embarrassed. :lol:

so, how are you guys enjoying today flag football game :slight_smile: