BC/ Bombers... Battle for playoffs

Well I am attending my annual CFL game.. Going with my old man and my sister and her bf. I was in Ft. Mac last time the Bombers were in town. Anyways, this game has playoff implications and is almost a must win for the Bombers. Me thinks this will be a decent game with high intensity. I would go to more games at the dome if the price was not a complete ripoff... I really think that the Lions over-estimated the market here. I make double the Canadian average and can't afford tickets... I guess the question is of someone who makes 6 figures can't afford them, then who can actually afford them?

Have fun. Hopefully BC gets a win for ya. :thup: (I need it too. lol)

may the game be a bruising one :smiley: (but "injury" free)

Well high mortgage payments probably have a lot to do with the average fans not going to games

What is the average ticket price to a Canucks? Too easy of an excuse IMO

So 6-4 plays 6-5 in the battle for the basement. The league has to see that as an embarrassment.


I really wish Dunigan would stop saying Solly.

Pretty entertaining so far.

Yes, why?

maybe he is part Chinese :wink:

Kevin Glenn is the winningest QB in the last four years? Is that what I just heard?


Did they say four injuries to the same shoulder? Reminds me of Dickenson and his concussion problems.

Yeah. I think that right now even Travis is having trouble believing he can rehab his shoulder to the point of continuing a meaningful pro career. Not trying to be psychic here, but he sure didn't "look" optimistic in the sideline interview.

BC seems to have terrible luck with QBs.

yeah...goes back to NFLEU

Well the rich go to the Canucks games to be seen most tickets are corporate seats not a lot of tickets available to general public. The Canucks to a way better job of marketing the game to the Asians and South Asians then the Lions do.

Did Gord really just make a Chippendales joke? Good thing this is the late game. :lol:

Great decision there, Washington. :expressionless: