BC beats Winnipeg.... Elite?

Moving up to 2-2, tied for a playoff spot. 326 yards passing (only 7 games off a record!!!)

Let's not forget that Lulay has also already achieved the so called trifecta to be considered for admission and membership into the so called imaginary "Elite Status" Club .

2011 - Grey Cup champion
2011 - Grey Cup MOP
2011 - League MOP

It also should be noted that Lulay's back-up QB in that 2011 season was a future "Elite Status" player in waiting by the name of Mike Reilly .

Two extremes .CAL and MTL
and varying degrees of meh in between. HAM hasn't made up its mind what it wants to be yet.

Some would say that the varying degrees of meh you talk about is a sign of parity in the league....at least between teams #2 thru #8 so far this season . Take Calgary and Montreal out of the mix and throw the rest into a hat at this juncture and draw out names for the seven teams sandwiched in the middle .

If it's parity then it's a parity of mediocrity. Next two games HAM will show if it wants to be a part of that.

Actually it would be the next three games . After back to back home games vs Sask and Ott we travel to Mtl for game #7 . There is no reason to believe that this team shouldn't be 5 and 2 and on a 3 game winning streak after this next stretch of games . Time will tell as usually this team never does anything the easy way it seems .

This week, Lulay and Reilly moved their teams down the field when they absolutely had to, with the game on the line. Nichols and Franklin did not. That was the difference in both games, and is more important that any stat.

No one wins them all. But over the course of many games and seasons, if those QBs deliver similar results under similar circumstances, it helps answer the question of whether they are considered consistent and/or top tier.

Actually, no if they can't solve Jones' defense and Thorpe's defense a win over MTL is next to meaningless

Matt Nichols quickly looked not so elite after this one.

Who said Matt Nichols is elite?

The TSN panel of ex elite and no so elite players