BC Attendance

I was looking at stats from last year and the attendance was around 4000 or more for the first 2 home games. I know that they were different opponents last year Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. My question is and I'm from the East- are there certain factors
that are keeping people away from the Lions games this year- ie: The Economy, Team not as good, Weather? Less promotion,
Less popular opponents ie: Hamilton, Calgary(should be popular). Please help in enlightening an east coaster on whats happening out west especiallly in B.C. Thanks for your input.

2008 -------33813-- Saskatchewan--Game 1
37174-- Winnipeg-------Game 2

2009------26885--Hamilton--Game 1
2009------27191--Calgary----Game 2

This is not a knock against B.C by the way, I think their support has been great the lst 5 years??

They lost their O-Line strength in Murphy and Bates. They lost Cam Wake and Stephan Logan. Everyone knows they're going to suck so they're not willing to spend the money on them?

Losing Logan and Wake certainly hurt.

But I'm not so sure about Murphy and Bates. Bates apparently is on the trading block in Winnipeg, and Murphy has been pretty poor in Toronto.

One more thing that never helps is the fact there is a 10000X more things to do in Vancouver than places like Winnipeg or Regina, so the product has to be that much better to put people in seats.

I will be blunt, people here only support winners or at the very least, a quality team. The Lions are not either. The have played like garbage for two games already, got beat one time in a good game and only one. With so much to do here in the summer, there is big competition for people's entertainment dollar. Why go to see a game where you're pretty sure the Lions will play poorly when you can hike a mountain, sit on a beach, go sailing etc...?

Bad product and nice weather makes people stay away. I watch on TV as other teams fans are enjoying the sunshine while drinking a beer and watching the game. BC Place is an oven in the summer.....I think attendance would go up substantially if it was an outdoor stadium for those nice summer nights.

As far as the team is concerned....48-10 is not going to help them get people in the seats for the next home game. This city doesnt have die-hard CFL fans like Regina or Alberta does. Win and they will go....lose and they will wait for the Canucks season to start.

there's no way in hell the lions had those numbers last year. they don't get the bigger gates until after labor day.

Attendance will go down in all leagues this year we are in a recession and alot of people have lost their jobs all over the country I have alot of friends that are just getting by in B.C and going to any sports matches are not a top priority.

BC fans are more QB fans, rather than football fans. The teams popularity seems to ebb and flow over the fortunes of the starting QB. It is not easy for a QB to win the hearts of BC fans, and even harder to keep it. But once they get aboard the bandwagon, there can be a giant groundswell of support for the team.

Buck started to lose the crowd last year, and now he has as many detractors as supporters. Many fans were turned off after losing the WF. Get us a good QB, and the fans will flock back...is the general theme.

And let's not forget the worldwide economic crises, which has hit BC harder than Sask & Man...and AB still has a stronger economy than BC. The lumber, construction and tourism markets are way down, which drives the BC economy, while pot is the remaining growth industry. :cowboy:

The only reason people have not been going to the games is we've had one of the Hottest Summers on record, it's like a 110. in that dam dome with no breeze at all . i'll watch it in my Air conditioned house. thanks.

Wow, its been like winter here on the east coast :frowning:

Kid_Wicked, I got those attendance stats right from this CFL website, check under 2008 schedule. These are some really good answers. I know where I live near Hamilton our economy has also been hit, but our weather has been rain daily. Our normal hot summers over the last 2 years have disappeared.

I don’t blame BC fans for not showing up during hot summer evenings. I certainly wouldn’t want to sit in a stuffy dome either. Once the roof renos in BC get done, even if the team struggles or loses alot, I see attendance going up significantly at least for a couple of seasons.

Game 2 of 2008 vs Winnipeg was the Bobby Ackles tribute night. Alot of fans showed up to pay the respects.

Lot of fairweather fans in BC. If the Lions aren't winning, attendance tanks.

Pisses me off because the same fans will support the Canucks no matter what.

That being said, I don't blame people really. We stink this year, and it's not much fun to watch your team get stomped, while you sweat in the dome.

The Canucks is a different thing. A LOT of that is corperate and not joe blow out with his buddies or family.

yeah, i saw what it said. it's bull. they jacked the numbers up. b.c. never gets over 30,000 until after labor day. everyone is at the beach or in their boat or just enjoying the outdoors. i go to every game or at least try to. nobody wants to go into bc place in the summer, although they DID add some air conditioning this year. it's much better now.

BC fans are more QB fans, rather than football fans. The teams popularity seems to ebb and flow over the fortunes of the starting QB. It is not easy for a QB to win the hearts of BC fans, and even harder to keep it. But once they get aboard the bandwagon, there can be a giant groundswell of support for the team.
really? where were they during the doug flutie years?

Don't forget that Vancouver is hosting a little gathering of athletes called the Olympic Games come February. Perhaps those with limited disposable income are spending their dollars on this once in a lifetime event as opposed to something that occurs on an annual basis.

I think Flutie only played 1 year in BC and he was just getting used to the CFL, in 1991. Lion fans will abandon the lions ,like the Titanic. BC has great fans when there winning, but are not as loyal as other CFL fans when their losing.

ths is nothing new i grew up in Victoria and followed the Lions their fans are band wagon jumpers and always will be, when the team wins they are all out supporting, but when they lose they are so critical on the team and then they don't go out and support the team, it will never change, same old same old, the best fans are the Prairie teams