BC at Winnipeg, unreal

B.C is a surprise for me, I thought and predicted they'd be 2-0 so far... Winnipeg, I knew it all along...

Good grief people, might as well just award the Cup to the Als after 2 games this year. But, your gonna have to wrestle it out of Turkeys cold dead hands first. :wink:

Yes, that's EXACTLY what I meant by that post...

…that is an interesting quote because with the very short training camp time period we have it is entirely true, but it sure sounds like spin control for a coach who’s team is 0-2 coming off a GC appearance…I ask you, would Berry have said this if things were different: “Well, don’t read much into a 2-0 start, this is only an extension of training camp, so it’s not a big deal”…?..

Damage control is damage control RedandWhite, it beats saying "we sucked and got beaten up" They'd like to hope to see sellouts like last year, so Berry's gotta put at least a neutral spin on the 0-2 start, so that the fairweather walkup crowd isn't scared away.

Sorry about that ry guy, I should have read a little closer, I see you were only commenting on your pool picks, my apologizes for being an ahole.

No doubt, Berry has thrown everything out from Don Mathews quotes, to partying too late the night before. Nothing of any substance, just smoke and mirrors to keep the heat off the players and coaches.

No biggie, PIGSEYE.

I can understand it's frustrating when you're team is strugling and people bad mouth them, even though it's only week 2. I've experienced it before too!

IMO it's always a mistake to bring the same team back from the year before, even if that team had lots of success. Staleness sets in very quickly. Also, what worked for you last year may not work nearly as well this year as teams figure your schemes and tendencies out. This is why you need new blood, regardless of whether you finished in the basement or just won the Grey Cup.

I do admit that I never thought I'd see B.C. and Winnipeg in the CFL basement. The season's still young, though. If the Lions can get back some of their starting O-linemen, I'll give them the edge against the Bombers, who really look flat and lackluster.

...IF the quote ' extension of the pre-season' is correct...i guess , and we have to assume ,we'll see lots of new faces in different positions...as per pres-season tilts....maybe that's what Berry was really saying... :roll:

I've heard several coaches say over the years that two games is not enough exhibition. Most would like four. The reality is that for the most part the first couple of games of the season now tend to be pretty messy and unpolished. Whereas years ago (yes I can remember the 4 exhibition game times) teams were better able to sort out their systems and their players.

That is what I think the coaches are referring to: the fact that systems are still being learned etc. Not that they are treating them as unimportant games.

I don't buy the 'preseason isn't long enough' argument. All teams have to deal with playing only two exhibition games; it's a fact of life. If your team isn't prepared out of the chute, you need to do a better job as coach.

Berry had virtually the same lineup return this year and the same coaching staff. There is zero excuse for not being ready.

Fact is some teams come out sharp nevertheless. You would think those two teams would have a leg up as they are returning their entire roster with the exception of Hebert and Steagall in Winnipeg

I'd say you pretty much nailed it dis.

I agree that is bull crap.

Should be an interesting game at this point It's anyones game. As much as I'd like to see the Lions prevail until that desire to win and everyone plays as a team for all 4 quarters of ball I don't see a win until that is accomplished! Edmonton is playing better but I did expect them to be last again this year! guess we'll see!

Hate too admit it but it will be BC by 14. Glen will throw two picks at crucial times.

'm not at all surprized, I've been picking the Bombers and Lions to finish in the basement of their respective divisions all along.

I like that idea!

Everyone seems to be kicken the Lions when they are down! whatever 16 regular games left to play I'm sure your fav team is going to lose at least 4 or more games! being the first 2 games teams losing these are getting alot of attention! I've watched all the games and they intensity for most teams have gone up a notch which is good for anyone who truley enjoys a good football game! I look forward to many games this season with the same calliber as the Calgary Edmonton game! Awsume football! See you in November for the finals! GO LIONS!!!

This is gonna be another close one. Could come down to the kicking game.