BC at Winnipeg, unreal

....that one of you two will be 0-3 at the end of sixty minutes...don't think anyone saw that coming...

...and basically with the identical rosters you had last year which produced solid scary teams...so what gives?....motivation?...effort?....

...gotta apologize, (hic) I mished both games lash night, Shtampede is here now, infield suite for the chuckwagonsh on the company tab (hic).....

Here's a thought, what if they tie? Wouldn't that be interesting?

Although I agree it'll be quite odd to see either BC or Winnipeg at 0-3.

Got to get yourself a PVR Red…This way you get the wild and crazy weekend and you can watch CFL action with Steak and Eggs :slight_smile:

I am kind of going to enjoy most likely both sitting at 1-3 going in to August :slight_smile:

...have the PVR, forgot to use it... :oops:

The Bombers can't be the only team in the league without a win, they just can't! In truth though this is what both teams need, a struggling opponent to right the ship against. The winner will be right back in it. The loser on the other hand...

I'm not at all surprized, I've been picking the Bombers and Lions to finish in the basement of their respective divisions all along.

Yea and i predicted that Greece would win the EuroCup in '04 :lol:

That's also how I think it will play out. And if that happens, both teams are going to be so far behind.

And in the off chance one of them starts 0-4... goodbye playoffs!

iunno can never count a team out of the playoffs. but the point of both teams having the same solid core they did last year that produced good teams, have fallen flat.

But that's the thing they aren't the same TEAMS. Yes they have mostly the same players but that doesn't have anything to do with TEAM. Team is a concept and in a game of inches, hundreds of little changes. Make every edition different.

Bombers will be 0 & 4. They were over rated by the media in Wpg. and are an average team at best. Tiger cats have more talent than the bombers. Sorry bomber fans but no play off's this year. We Will have to be satisfied with personal achievements like Milt breaking Pitts record

...that could be the Bombers spark...ol Milty...and things may start turning around...But you have to ask yourself...IF one man can make that much difference to a team...what does that say about the heart and desire of those 'so-called' teammates that started this season off... :roll:

At least the Bombers to me have shown some flashes that they can have the same success they did last year offensively.

Defensively I think everyone expected them to be much better than they've been so far.

The Lions not being able to defend their home turf in their home opener is a bad sign.

Same with the Bombers.

The difference between the two teams is the Bombers have a proven starter. The Leos do not. :frowning: :frowning:

lol all you want, here is a quote from May 20

cfleskfan wrote:

  1. Edmonton - Will be vastly improved this year, paid the price over the last 2 years for showing loyalty to players past their prime. Strength at QB is key in this league and Edmonton is #1 at the helm.

  2. Calgary - Dickenson should help Burris and if he remains healthy could be the back-up Calgary has needed for the last few years.

  3. B.C. - Lack of leadership and experience at QB will haunt Lions all year. Lions are still cocky after losing last years Final and they won't be able to back it up. Will finish 4th if Riders enjoy any success at QB.

  4. Saskatchewan - Riders year depends on who succedes Crandell in the starting position. QB void probably too great to fill.


  1. Toronto - Breaking the bank to do it this year, most valuable player for Argoes will be their accountant if he hides enough salary to be close to the cap.

  2. Hamilton - Will be most improved team in CFL and will push TO till the bitter end.

  3. Montreal - Should battle Winnipeg all season for the cellar.

  4. Winnipeg - Will pay for not replacing fossils. Due to make same mistake as Edmonton in 2006 by trying to show loyalty to guys who should be gone.

Grey Cup

Edmonton vs Hamilton

I think Winnipeg is the stronger team. I'm very speculative about BC's quarterbacks. The Winnipeg offense has mad talent.

They played a great second half against Montreal. I think they'll come out on top and make a season out of it. Don't count them out. They are the 2007 Eastern Champs.

In 1999 the Cats didn't reach .500 until labor day when they went 5-5. But they won 7 of their last 9 absolutely crushing everyone and were 4-0 in November, taking the Grey Cup.

This is the CFL, and it's gonna be a wild year. So buckle up!

These are two veteran teams, regardless of how this series turns out, to right off either is just foolish at this time of year.

Interesting quote from Berry today, he considers the first two games of the regular season to be an extension of the pre-season ! Yikes, not sure I like the sounds of that, especially when your staring down 0 - 4 to start.