BC at Winnipeg GT, Thu July 30, 8 pm et, TSN

The kickoff to Week 6 is coming up. Hope to see you here!

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I'll probably jump between here and the CFL talk site :slight_smile:

IMO this game could go either way depending on how well the Leos play on the road. Either way it could be a close one.

Hi Tabbiefan!

Do you know if Rod Black is going to provide sonic pollution tonight? I will go to Winnipeg home radio in that event.

Just saw Dunigan and Cuthbert (I think) talking ahead of the game so it looks like they are doing the play-by-play. No Rod Black :smiley:

Tonight is "Oh Canada Night" in the Lounge, there are 63 here watching the Jays game waiting for the BC/Winnipeg game.
Question going around right now is who is the under dog in the CFL game?

Kickoff is imminent.

Taylor, wide open in the end zone! Nice opening drive!

BC grinds it down the field and have jumped to a 7-0 lead over Winnipeg, first quarter.

Hard to say. Both teams lost last week but I think BC might have the edge even though the Bombers are at home. So far they've only won 4 games in this stadium (opened in 2013 after a year's delay) so "home field" doesn't seem to be an advantage for them. Even the Ticats have won as many games in Winnipeg's stadium as the Bombers!

One thing which is likely is that if Willy is injured and leaves the game. the team may well fall apart as they have twice already this season.

BC is having issues with the crowd noise at IGF while running their hurry-up offense. 7-0 BC after one quarter.

Appreciate the response, it is the type of info we aren't really aware of. Quite apparent that Willy controls at least the Offense.

No problem. New DC in Winnipeg this season too so they may still be getting comfortable with the system - although that pick a few minutes ago was good.

As for Willy - not sure if you were able to watch the Hamilton/Winnipeg game (in Winnipeg) week 2 but after Willy left the game in the 2nd quarter with a suspected concussion, the whole team just seemed to fall apart and they lost 52-26. Same thing last week in Edmonton when he left in the 3rd I think - they lost 32-3. Score was 4-3 when Willy left the game!

The game is 7-7 now as Drew Willy gutted out a big drive to respond.

I was wondering how much Lulay has actually played at IGF since he has missed all of last season and almost half of 2013 - unless they played there early in the 2013 season.

Stadium not that full?!

Is it the teams been bad for so long or the Jets taking a big bite out of entertainment dollars.

Yeah I too was noticing how many empty seats there appeared to be but considering the Bombers home winning record, maybe that's not surprising. Plus it is a work day tomorrow for most.

Bombers seem to have gotten their D playing better.

BC killing themselves with turnovers and penalties. Almost changed my pick to Bombers to win when I saw that Willy was starting but decided to stick with BC. Maybe I should have switched to BBs! :? Leos O and Lulay haven't looked all that impressive outside of that first drive.

BC stinks. One big drive on the opening possession. No D

They have certainly failed to impress most of the time. THREE picks by Lulay too!
Well so much for all the people in CFL Pick Em who picked BC! (including me!) I think many assumed Willy wouldn't be starting.