BC at Saskatchewan Game Thread- Sunday, August 20, 2023

I don’t see one of these so here it is. Game starts in about 15 minutes.


Was looking for it as well!

Come on BC!


Kill the one I just started please…


It was gunned down ol’ gangster style and quite quickly it does appear, but I commend your effort anyway sir.

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hey everyone, I’m Juwan Brescacin of the Riders. I’m here to promote my youtube channel “The Athelite Show” where myself and a couple pals talk CFL and football in general. I’m also going to be doing sports card breaks and lots of giveaways. Hope you check it out, and I’ll gladly answer any questions you have. Thanks so much.

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So does anyone think this game will be close? Prevailing wisdom seems to be saying no. I hope it is as I’m not dying to see another blowout


Who will win tonight’s game?

Captain Timbers tells me to remind you all to please do not delay your pick after reading this poll, or you could miss out and then you could be a no-good galoot too.

  • BC Lions
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders
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Hey we know you, but are you really you? We require proof!

Also note we have a whole Pirate Crew asking questions already for Pirate Sports Network there matey.

Be ye dar right proper with us, or be ye shark meal yonder tonight ye matey arrrgghh!

According to tsn the game is already decided lol ……

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Well this is cool and I’ll for sure be checking that out.

My Question: Who is your favourite Long Snapper?

Snapper be a fine dining choice there ye matey arrrgghh


Well, that intro music wasn’t country. What was it? Simple Plan or something?



Early fumble by VA gives Saskatchewan excellent field position. First down at the BC 31.

Two plays later it’s 7-0 Riders. Great start.


I felt that tackle lol

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Sask came ready to play, lets see how BC does…

The crowd is right into it. Love it!


Riders are super physical tonight.

Well that’s just dandy. I’m a little late and my Lions spot the green machine 7 big ones. Just Great! I hate these Lions jerseys. They look so dirty.

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I liked the different camera angle on that punt return.