BC at Sask!!

How will the Riders do tonight, it will be a good test to Jones team, me I'm not holding my breath!!

I am guessing they lose by a smaller margin (inside 2 scores)

Jones has generally in the past had pretty close preseason games to my recollection. It will be an aggressive D with a modest O showing. I care more that players get a chance to earn a spot than seeing guys already over the bubble win the game.

Agreed :thup:

Well what the hell. Riders win due to Rider Defensive turnovers. :cowboy:

Fulton is apparently out for the Lions. Knee is tweeked. His knee and ankle were a big concern last season, though it wasn’t out there and talked about a lot…hoping it is not a continuation of that. The rest of their OL will be in place. Sounds like the Lions will using more than usual #1s on O.

Tough call and depends on Jone's thinking. He hates to lose anytime and he might try and get the monkey off the back of losing. That said I would rather see as Depop mentioned the border line players play and see who sticks and who is gone. I would like to see very little of Durant perhaps 2 series tops. Get the back ups in and see who is the best choice in case Darian does get dinged up down the road. We know he is the starter but we need to know if Smith can show he deserves the 2nd spot or does he get bumped? From what I have read he did not have a great camp with more then his fair share of picks. Yes he can run and everyone knows that but he has to show the poise to be able to plant his feet and make a passing play under pressure.

My gut tells me if it is close going into the forth Jones goes for the meaningless win.

well the time is here, now we'll see

Well the first half sucked, neither QB looked good, are O now sucks, unlike last year, the D does look a little better! Bring on second half!!

Regina needs to get a real power grid :frowning:

I think Smith might be playing himself down the roster. Not showing much improvement from last year.

I thought the same thing until the throw to Denmark, and Coleman 3 or 4 picks... smith has a big lead I'd say, and that's not saying much, over all we sucked, our D should be better than last year, next game will tell the story, but I am really concern now with our O, can only hope DD makes it click!! Jones better make it work, if not... send him packing.

Not a great game!

Jones should stick around for the season regardless. A team doesn't rebuild overnight.

Lol lets not get too bent out of shape over a preseason game. Yes the back up qb spot is a concern as Coleman sure throws a nice pick and if Smith isn't running he is dead. Oh and the td to Denmark was not a good throw and lucky it wasn't picked so Smith didn't light it up either. Yes Durant has to stay healthy or we won't win 3 games.

On the bright side. Cobb looked pretty good as well as Hebert. Walter and Reeves not so much in my opinion. Defense was all right but some bad blown coverage a few times that was costly. Gainey I think it was got nailed for at least two PI's so that may be it for him. D line looked fairly good.

Have to admit though that Jones surprised me by not playing Durant at all. He really gave Coleman and Smith have their opportunities, too bad neither impressed and it was more of Coleman making Smith look not as bad as he was.

Yeah I know I have been all over Jones and no I'm still not a fan boy of his but I'm not going to slam him on a preseason game where he obviously wanted to see what was what. That was a smart move on his part.

We also had an O that worked, not sure about this year

This fell fairly inline with what I anticipated....strong D, weak O, falling by 2 scores.

Coleman was kinda along the lines of what I thought...based on back when he played at Tennessee. Relatively calm in the pocket, has a receiver stuck in his mind and rolls with that even if he appears to go through progressions...he showed this by looking directly at open guys multiple times then going elsewhere...passing up favorable plays (by not really looking at it IMO and being fixated on one guy) and forcing double coverage passes. What was surprising was that he is a pretty accurate passer and that didn't show at all in this game. He seems to be a lot calmer in the pocket that when he was at Tennessee....so time in the NFL seems to have helped that.

Smith was Smith...escaped well but scared to pull the trigger and missing opportunity on it, under throwing passes...he has not progressed at all from last season IMO and that is concerning. He needs to start making decisions or moving the pocket a bit because the OL is getting penalties for him....speaking of which, the OL seemed pretty solid.

the Riders have like 20 WRs in camp...cutting those down this week might help these 2 a lot....or at least Coleman. I still want to see Sims, and am hoping he was mostly held out from lack of familiarity with the playbook so far, because I think he might be for real.

If the same is seen next week we might see a trade for a backup or picking up a cut...because right now it is not promising. I felt Coleman started camp strong but has basically been stagnant in growth...he is what, 27 or 28? Is he going to develop and is it worth it? The Lions also played some 3-4, which is not as common in the CFL and these guys would not have been as prepared for.

I thought Cobb looked pretty good in the backfield and made some nice blocks. A few WRs made things easy for a few cuts. Demski got nominal action as they were...IMO....trying to showcase Kawamoto and Stanford to make a decision there....unfortunately the passes to them pretty much sucked.

The D was overall really solid and that is w/o Knox or Capi...so nice to see a D with aggression. A couple dropped INTs sucked.

  • Hollins started camp strong but was fairly void lately...he had a solid game which might give him a good chance of being around.
  • Grondin...who has been a bit of a pleasant surprise in camp...continued to look good and is likely a lock at this point
  • Reaves did well on STs, not sure if that is enough to be around.....but it is what it is.
  • Tevaughn Campbell..despite a couple bad plays...played well enough to make the first cuts I think...dude is big for a safety but god is he fast at closing.
  • Gainey...yeah...he had some beauties for a few plays, but also looked like a turd at times...I just think he is a liability despite obvious talent.

All in all though I liked the D...tight coverage...quick to the ball...gang tackling...super hard hitting....day and night better even with guys not making the team. BC really did nothing when the Rider 1s and 2s where in despite playing their established #1 and #2 QB and their starting OL...

O was bad mainly due to the QBs...but as I said...I personally expected it.

Someone shot out a pole's fuse or transformer or something on the other side of the street north of the stadium...heard it was fireworks or something. That caused issues with something in the stadium as well.

You didn't consider this a massive improvement on D? I thought the D was very good. What exactly did they lack other than Gainey's PIs and a whiff? They pretty much held the Lions in check...179 yard of O despite playing their established vets 2/3 of the game, while the Riders rotated the heck out of their players.

There was signs of betterment, more so early on but in all fairness, as the game went on so did the looks at 3rd and 4th line picks or for a better word, rookies and new players to CFL... so I guess, that would play a roll in looking less as the game went on, The D can only be better compared to last season, cause we had no D. But The O which was #1 last season... not sure where they are this season, time will tell and with DD Qb we will see, Still think we lost couple of top Receivers that may have hurt us in the Backfield. The O line played well and I agree Cobb was the best RB. Have to wait till next week to see how that goes!!

I actually thought the QBs looked better than the receivers. But the D definitely looked tougher than last year. It was almost like Jones said "get after it, we'll clean up the penalties afterwards". Quite an intense game in many ways.

Smith really disappointed me when he was in the pocket. Way to much happy feet going on. Its obvious he doesn't like heat and he took some pretty good shots. He won't stay healthy getting pasted like that time after time. I was really hoping with a qb coach he may have settled in better but that didn't show last night. Coleman seemed calmer but his accuracy just plain sucked over throwing or missing his targets wide resulting in picks. He also seems to throw a weak ball, the one that he threw to the wide side just floated and was so easy to pick as it hung there for about 5 seconds. If he can't be accurate and can't get better zip on his throws he needs to go. Yes he was calmer in the pocket as I said then Smith but then Tino would have looked calmer in the pocket then Smith and that is not a complement to Tino or Smith.

My thoughts are is keep Smith and dump Coleman but if they plan on using Smith then use his strengths and that is running. Go with an option type offense where he can run or make a quick dump pass with the odd deep ball to keep defenses honest. The only real positive from Smith is he didn't throw picks like Coleman and even though he did nothing surprising, in a positive way he still did move the ball some without turning it over. I think Jones would rather that then to have 5 picks thrown in a game. Don't get me wrong I was not impressed by Smith at all and it is obvious the first guy that gets withing10 feet of him he is not thinking pass at all but instead he is running. The only way I can think of breaking him of that habit is to hobble him in practice with only enough slack to be able to back peddle and to plant and throw, running would be impossible, bring lots of heat and force him to throw the ball or get pasted I know they don't tag the qb in practice but perhaps they should make an exception in this case. If he picks himself up off the turf enough times he is going to either look to throw the ball quick or get injured. Tough love I know but lets face it that is the reality in the real game. Sims needs to get up to speed in a hurry or lol we better see if we can get Glenn back and I know that isn't going to happen.

Gainey I thought was a weak link and as I said he got flagged a couple of times for obvious PI. He either had a bad game or is very suspect and I think if he makes it pass the first cut he is going to need a monster 2nd preseason game to stick. If he was let go though by Tuesday I wouldn't be shocked.