BC at Sask!! WEEK 4

That was the problem then. They were taking the wrong route to get to the Q.B. Instead of running all the way down highway 1 with a quick right at highway 2 in Alberta they Should have been going after Jennings instead. :wink:

Ha ha, right on !

I remember Ron Lancaster talking about 'Come Backs' many years ago, like what we saw in this BC game .
He made the point that when a team is up at half time by a decent margin, at least 10 points and ENDS UP Loosing the game, the "Coaching" on both teams are responsible.
Two things happen, the team that's up comes back after half time and doesn't do anything different. Puts in the same plays and doesn't add anything new.
On the other side the team loosing at half time has made adjustments and found ways, through their spotters and coaching to capitalize and exploit the winning teams weakness and strengths.
I rest my case. :cowboy:

Well in all reality, the riders weren't prepared. To have the second q.b. Go in, and we don't have the depth to cover the injuries, that's what I see.

Agree the injury bug bit us hard in this one.

Except when they needed to be. I mean 19 seconds and you give up not one but 2 -15 yard + plays? Reilly had all day on both of those to find his wide open targets plus a few more bombs to Bowman he also had enough time to read one of the 3 Lord or the Rings books . Personally I liked the fellowship the best but the return of the King was also pretty good.

Clearly I meant Jennings as it is a BC thread and just misspoke…Jennings was under constant pressure…very rare that you see a QB get that much heat and hit that many times and actually win…but when the secondary is down to backups it is going to happen. When Cox was in he wasn’t getting much done. you really can’t ask for a lot more pressure on a QB than what was provided…it was the secondary that fell apart on ones that were easily coverable in this one…like I said…going to take a few games for the secondary to come together…I felt they were until injuries kicked in… McDonald and Campbell struggled knowing their assignments all night

Honestly I did think you meant the Edmonton game and was referring to using the 3 man front and getting pressure with that.

Your right though Jennings was under a lot of heat. The problem is they had to bring 6-7-8 guys to get it. It wasn't the 4 man front getting it done. That is not acceptable. If you have to blitz on almost every down to get to the qb, which we really didn't, we only got heat but hardly touched Jennings. Then of course a very new secondary is going to get lit up and especially when you add injuries to even that young group.

This is question then. As I said it was showing late in the 2nd quarter that BC was picking up the blitzes and finding the open guy. Yes I know Jennings even struggled in the first half of the 3rd quarter but once he got on a roll it was all over the Riders. Of course not getting even one first down in the 3rd by our offense didn't help the situation as the defense was out far too much. Still when it was starting to become very obvious the blitzing wasn't effective then why stick with it on almost every play? Why not throw some 4 man or even 3 man fronts even to get into Jenning's head? If they did that perhaps he gets thinking and questioning if he is reading the defense correct. Sticking with the blitz though once he seen the different looks they brought on it and he didn't have to think, all he had to do was see the d line up and call a number and put the ball in a spot he knew would be vacated. That is not smart or good coaching injuries excuses aside. Half the battle on defense is to confuse the qb and make him think instead of just react. When you take away the need to second guess himself and his reads then your making his job far far easier to do.