BC at Sask!! WEEK 4

WELL any predictions!! I f the Riders can keep turnover free, they could win this one, But BC's D is very good, should be a good game!

It depends. If we stick with the lame *** 3 man D front we go 0-3. If Jones decides to wise up and brings pressure we should win. I say Jones won’t though. So 85 % chance of being 0-3

Yah I can agree with that, 3 man rush sucks, need to put pressure on QB’s… Jones knows that, still not a jones fan.

An important game to win JimmyG, slipping to 0-3 is “danger zone”. Hope to see Gale with a few plays too!

Yeah going 0 and 3 and things are not going to be pleasant with the fans. Sure they have been in both games so far and look better except for the pass rush. Still 0-3 is 0-3 and the same standings as last year. Like I said the first 10 games there is no soft targets and our record maybe no or very little better then last year by the 9 game mark. Of course I hope that isn’t the case as it will be pretty hard to watch.

This team is looking better each game but looks and results can be miles apart.

you play the game to win, but with all the changes to the player personnel and a new coaching staff and philosophy it all takes time which 2 preseason games can't accomplish,
in my opinion Jones is still putting pieces to the puzzle for the long term success of the team, and I like what I see.

what is the status on Clark as they were working Jones at centre in practice ?

I see that St James is on the depth chart,

So far I agree.
Unfortunately the expectations for the Riders this season are extremely high, and not winning in Saskatchewan is definitely grounds for “fan revolution”.
Unreal expectations bring all the NAY SAYERS out of the woodwork.
Having said that, if the Riders don’t start winning by end of Season 1 for Jones I too will join the “FAN REVOLUTION” :cowboy:

Another area that has me concerned is the special teams. If Bartel gets off his usual line drive punts and Rainy gets a hold of one on the fly he could easily take it back. Our cover team is going to have to be flying tonight to keep him in check.

Still think though the biggest priority is to get heat on Jennings. If he is allowed to get comfortable back there he will pick our secondary apart or run at will. Jennings has not had a great showing so far this year but he has an arm and loves the deep ball. Allow him time and he will burn us eventually.

The way the BC Lion player on the late hit rolled up on DD - it looked very very bad .... I hope the injury to DD isnt serious

An there he go's.....just watching him these last games, he just didn't look right. Like it almost looked like he was favouring that side...Now it's re-injured.

It was a dirty late hit and you could see on the replay the Lions player roll up on DD twisting him up. The CFL needs to address this. It has to be more than 15 yards for ending someones carreer

Ya, I agree it was a dirty hit but on an already weak ankle/achillies...unfortunate all the same

The one that put Durant out is debatable but his first face mask where he didn't even attempt to let it go and practically ripped Durant's head off did look intentional. The one on Gale while he may have been trying to knock the ball down after he made contact to Gale's head he then pushes it back even further. Again this look intentional.

The league had better look at all 3 and he probably should get no less then a game and possibly far more.

What is with the Lions and getting these douche bags that have good talent but instead of playing clean they take cheap shots. Is this on Walleye? Yes because he allowed the player to continue playing after some very stupid and dangerous infractions. He is not sending the right message to the team when he condones these types of players or plays.

It doesn't sound like it is a fracture. Hopefully just some swelling and he's ready to go this game or the one after.

I heard it was a mild sprain probably 2-3 games. Lol against the Red Blacks next week so mail them the points. Jones said no way is he going to risk making the injury worse so interpret that as you will but I would say 2 games minimum.

Well, if that's the case that could be a blessing in disguise, that will get gale a couple of games to gain experience, which could be very beneficial down the road .

Satisfied that the Riders show signs/streaks of brilliance on given occasions, Gale got my attention and coming in unexpectedly on the injury to Durant did well, nice add for #2 QB spot.

I'm concerned about the consistent completions of the long bombs against Rider Secondary in every game so far.!!

No doubt. I think I secondary is very suspect but what concerns me just as much is our front 4. Caps has been a ghost in all 3 games and that is really disappointing to me .

In the Argos game we used a bit of everything but mostly a 3 man rush, in the Edmonton game we used just the 3 man rush with no pressure and got picked apart. In this game it seems we were blitzing continuously and it worked pretty good for the first two quarters but Jennings was starting to figure it out. Now here is the kicker Dunnigan said at half time that BC seemed to be finding the weak spots and taking advantage of them near the end of the second quarter and he was right. Yes Jennings even started off the 3rd quarter looking like he could get pulled but he makes a couple of long completions and it was all down hill for the Riders D after that.

My point is that obviously BC made adjustments to the offense while the Riders stuck with heavy pressure all game. Why couldn’t they have started to mix up the defensive scheme and perhaps only 3 rush a couple of times or just the front 4 instead of going blitz? This is my point about the front 4. Are they not good enough to get pressure without blitzing? If that is the case then we are in for a long long season.

No doubt the injury bug bit us hard in this game and when Labatte went down I had a gut feeling that Durant was in jeopardy of getting hurt. I mean St John was in and Clarke was all ready out so with Labatte also sidelined that is a recipe for bad things to happen. Now the guys actually did a pretty darn good job on the whole considering the situation but still someone got beat that allowed Brooks pass and roll on Durant’s lower body. Yes it was a terribly fluky situation but still if that block isn’t missed Durant is still in the game.

When I said before that the Riders are in tough in the first half of the season and could easily be at 1-8 I wasn’t being sarcastic. The fact is with all the new players and some pretty glaring short comings I just figured things may not be as optimistic as some thought. I still say even if Durant didn’t get hurt we could be at only one or two wins by game 9. Now that he is out for most likely 3 games ( Still haven’t heard how severe the sprain is) the chances of winning even goes lower. I will stick to my prediction of 5-6 games won this year simply because of the mass over turn of players. This isn’t a real knock on Jones as it would be extremely hard for anyone to do better with this amount of changes. Yes that isn’t a vast improvement from last year and yes I expect no playoffs again this year for the green & white.

tough loss...being out 4 starters in the game plus Clark was too much...once Labatte went down it really hurt the O....Cox going down hurt the secondary bad....that's when it fell apart

By my count the injuries were...
plus Clark
...don't want to use injuries as an excuse...but that it a lot of adversity in 1 game

the 3 man rush front was in Reilly's face all night