BC at Sask Game Thread - July 3

These two teams are generous, giving each other the ball back and forth and all!

Durant seems really composed, the Sask O-line seems solid, D had a good first set. Up by 7

Now it's BC's O's turn. See what they can do.

Good pick and run by Phillips. 3 fumbles (although two didn't hurt them) and a pick - Riders need to learn that turnovers = not good, and learn it in a hurry ...

See, they really are generous - we toss a ball to BC for a BC td, Pierce returns the favour ... not quite a TD but one play away from one! Good run Hughy!!

BC did not look good ... 36 yards of offence in the 1st quarter to about 150 or something for the Riders. As I predicted, the lack of running game is causing the Rider defence to pin their ears back and the new BC O-Line can't handle it.

Durant has looked good so far, not letting the turnovers take him off his game. Looks like a QB that's 4 - 0 in his starts.

Good on the refs for giving Sask a delay of game on the convert attempt. THIS AIN’T SOCCER - quit faking injury to get a stoppage.

Good to see you zbest - was starting to feel like my personal journal :smiley:

WTF is going on????? I haven't seen the Lions play this badly in years.

Just got in from the movies. DIdn't expect to see a 25-7 score.

Yeah, we had to expect a reduction in quality of play with all the changes out your way, but this is not expected. Maybe its the combination of changes and first game inexperience. If that is the case, it should get better. Might even get better by the 2nd half - I wouldn't call the game over just yet.

I'm at the game, on my iPhone, and oh my god! This place is rockin! I think the whole east side is gonna collapse!

I'm envious, sounds and looks like a great atmosphere.

I'm envious of Riders fans. Their team actually showed up tonight. I know the game isn't over but it looks like the Lions are sleep walking! :thdn:

Whatever team you are cheering for, this is one entertaining game to watch............

Definitely exciting, ...nice pass for the TD.

Exciting, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. So many turnovers. Riders got a very, very big break when BC blocked the kick and then proceeded to fumble the ball and Sask recovering. Horseshoes, man!!

OMFG!!!!! CRAZY!! Both teams are trying to give the game to each other. This game could easily be going the other way..............But it's not! And we got cans baby yeah!

more draws and swing passes... and protect that ball Riders

So much for the Riders struggling.... :roll:

Five turnovers in 30 minutes of football is nothing to shrug off, cflisthebest...forced turnovers or otherwise, the Riders had better start to secure the ball, or they WILL be struggling, and sooner rather than later.

well of course.. and we will. it's in the game.