BC at Ottawa GT, Sat. July 4, 6 pm et, TSN

B.C. Lions vs. Ottawa Redblacks
Sat 6PM ET / 3 PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The East-leading RedBlacks (!) host the Lions in their home opener. We shall see how Travis Lulay holds up with his throwing shoulder in his first game back. Can Ottawa win back-to-back games?

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How do we get Collie on this team. Hammer boy shoulda signed here

Hi folks!

BC gets on the board first with a field goal. 3-0 BC, about 8:30 in the first quarter.

I know that they are an east team and as such bigger competition than a western team for the Ticats but I actually picked them to win against BC. BC may have Lulay back but I think they still have a lot of ?? on the team and Ottawa is playing at home with a W under their belt. I think they might pull this one off but it's definitely early so we'll see if Good Hank shows up for more than a half. :smiley:

Well William broke a big one and returned the punt to the house only to have it negated by a penalty. Speedy B know EXACTLY how that feels!

Burris to Sinopoli and the RBs are ahead with the convert. 7-6 Ottawa, second quarter.

Well the OTRBs have scored their first TD of the season at home instead of taking eons of time to get that first home TD like they did last season. :smiley: 7-6 for the home team - have already combine to score more points than they did the last time they played! :lol:

Alvorado hits from 47 yards to make it 10-7 Ottawa at the half. Burris almost blew the opportunity to set up the field goal by taking too much time making his throws. Neither team is setting the world on fire here.

Well, Ottawa just blew 60 yards of field position AND gave up a safety on a bad snap over Bad Hank's head. 10-9 Ottawa, early third quarter.

At least the command centre wasn't asleep at the switch on this one.

Alvorado bangs it in from 27 yards...13-9 RedBlacks, third quarter.

Lulay to Collie puts the Lions ahead 16-13 with the Leone convert, 3:21 left in the third quarter.

16-13 BC after three quarters.

They may not be setting the world on fire in the scoring department but it has been a pretty entertaining game from what I have been able to see (an active 2 1/2 yr old grandson in the vicinity does interrupt the viewing a bit :slight_smile: ) although there have been penalties galore at times in this one too. Entering the fourth the OTTRBs seemed primed to score again so should be able to at least tie, if not go ahead in, the game

Heh did you guys know Sinopoli is a former qb for the gg's :roll:

Another penalty fest eh? What are they at 20-25 total?

Wow Greg! Nice concentration

Lumber jack fail

Ellingson with a huge snag in the end zone from Burris -- with the convert, 20-16 Ottawa.

And ex-Ticat Ellingson catches the TD after Phillips tries to knock it down but puts it right in Ellingson's lap! Phillips seems to have injured himself on the play as well which is probably not good news for the Leos. 20-16 home team.

:) Nice to see Ellingson reel in the huge TD catch.

Burris to Ellingson for a TD - 20-16 for the Ex-Ti-Cats...