BC at Montreal

On October 28,2015, the BC Lions added former Als Int. RB Chris Rainey to their practice roster. Today, the BC Lions released,from their active roster, Int. RB Keola Antolin. I will not be surprised if Rainey is added to the BC Lions roster and plays against the Als this Thursday. As they did with Antolin, I expect the Lions to use Rainey mainly on kick returns.


Les Lions reviennent d'une semaine de congé. Ils ont donc eu amplement le temps de faire des ajustements suite à leur gênante défaite contre les Alouettes. Les Alouettes devront donc déployer des stratégies différences en attaque pour réussir à les surprendre encore une fois.

Historiquement, les Alouettes ont une bonne fiche contre les Lions à Montréal. Mais après ces deux victoires symboliques, la tentation pourrait être grande de lever le pied et relâcher un peu. J'espère que Popp leur montrera souvent où ils se situent dans le classement pour les motiver à encore donner un bonne effort collectif, comme ils l'ont fait ces deux dernières parties.

Partant avec Marsh, les jeu au sol devrait encore être privilégié dans cette partie. Le contôle du cadran demeure la meilleure arme des Alouettes, car lorque leur défensive est reposée, il est difficile de mettre des points au tableau. Il y a deux semaines, les Lions ont compté un gros 6 points en attaque alors qu'ils jouaient dans leur stade. Ils devront s'être ajustés et je souhaite que les Alouettes ne les prendront pas pour acquis. Lulay n'est pas un manchot et ils ont certains éléments sur lesquels ils peuvent compter à l'attaque. Leur faiblesse demeure la ligne offensive, et si les Alouettes leur servent la même médecine que celle qu'ils ont servie à Hamilton, ils pourraient trouver le temps long.

Les Alouettes ont une opportunité en or de revamper leur fiche présentement et ce ne sera pas de trop considérant la haute compétition qui a cours dans l'Est cette année.

Manny Ass anaux is going to have a surprise a rough night. :smiley:

Ma principale préoccupation demeure à propos de Marsh. Dans sa première saison, Marsh a lancé beaucoup d'interceptions. Il y a de bons joueurs dans la tertiaire des Lions, dont Philips et Johnson. J'espère que Marsh a sufisamment maturé pour éviter les interceptions, pour éviter de forcer le jeu lorsque ce n'est pas nécessaire. Si Marsh donne le ballon à l'adversaire, les Alouettes auront une tâche compliquée. Ce n'est pas la meilleure équipe pour jouer du football de rattrapage.

You don't really think Popp is going to let him throw much ? Or do you :stuck_out_tongue:


Marsh va rouler jusqu'en 2e demie, avec une forte proportion de jeux au sol.

Cato sera de retour en suite, selon moi

Je ne crois pas non plus que Popp va demander à Schonert de commander 22 jeux au sol de suite comme Cortez à Montréal l'an dernier. Il va falloir faire passer Marsh quand même, sinon, l'attaque des Alouettes va se réduire à une peau de chagrin. Je m'attends à des jeux de passe à haut pourcentage de réussite pour la plupart, mais on pourrait pousser le ballon avec le bras de Marsh, qui est plus puissant que celui de Cato. C'est là que mes craintes se situent.

Je dirais que contre les Lions, la proportion pourrait être de 1 jeu de passe sur 3 avec Marsh, si les Lions peinent à arrêter le jeu au sol. Si les Lions ont solutionné le jeu au sol des Alouettes, la donne pourrait changer.

He'll have to do a better job of throwing the ball than he did against Hamilton, though. Popp himself has noted in interviews that you just can't expect to run over teams in this league without having some kind of passing game. One thing I want from Marsh is better awareness of his checkdown options, particularly the RB flat as a safety valve. With Sutton and Rutley both in the backfield, we've got formation options and the possibility of splitting one of them wide and having the other check-release out of a block into a curl or hitch. If Green, Giguere, and Lewis can clear out the DBs, there might be lots of real estate for Sutton or Rutley to gain yards after catch.

Having said that, I am also waiting to see the real "bully" package from Schonert with an extra RB, a fullback, and a tight end and multiple run options to the perimeter and the inside. Vercheval has noted that part of the reason for the run game's effectiveness is the athleticism of our guards, particularly Matte and his ability to kick-out block with speed. This is something we need to exploit as a key feature of our offense.

Also, anybody know if Hoffman has been practicing with the team? I really want him back on the active roster ASAP.

Had no idea what Arceneaux had been saying until just now. Well, he can say what he wants, but that's some pretty silly stuff to be throwing about in the media.

ARSEanaux :slight_smile:

As per today's CFL transactions, the Als have added to active roster:

Int. QB Anthony Boone. from practice roster.
Int. RB Tyrell Sutton. from 1 game injured list.
Other moves:
Int. QB Rakeem Cato has been transferred to disabled,from active roster. He won't play tomorrow.

Int. WR Cody Hoffman was transferred from 6 game injured list to 1 game injured list.


It might not happen if Cato`s not back on time, but Popp said in his online conference that a player can still be removed tomorrow from the Disabled List. At best he would be backing up in any case.

Very nice to see Hoffman getting closer to returning.

One issue: if Cato isn't dressed, which appears very likely, who does the QB sneaks? Marsh normally does it, but do we want to risk an injury on a sneak when the depth behind him is paper-thin? OTOH, NOT having Marsh do the sneaks means using Bridge in that role again, which makes me shudder.

I think it depends on the score.

Some people think that the Als will have an easier time next three games, as they play BC, Winnipeg, and the Riders, as these teams are all struggling, especially Regina.

However, nothing can be taken for granted in this wacky season for the Als. The Als have also struggled whether they won or lost. From where I sit, no game will be easy.

I hope they coached Marsh well this week. I remain cautiously optimistic, but I must admit that I find it difficult to watch them this season. I guess I better stock up on Valium - or Glenlivet, or Crown Royal...or something!

Go Als!

That's for sure. They seem to get up for the better teams and play less disciplined ball against the struggling teams. They have no wiggle room. BC and Winnipeg are fighting for their lives just like Montreal.

Interesting to read between the lines in Marsh's latest TSN interview. Said that last season was helpful in terms of letting him see the field but he went out of his way to mention Jeff Garcia before hastily adding Schonert. Then he raved about AC taking over QB coach and said that he wouldn't have played nearly as well last game without Schonert and AC helping him with his reads. I don't know what will happen tomorrow but I feel a hell of a lot better knowing Anthony is working directly with Marsh, who is a very likable young man. I hope he succeeds in this league, whether here or with another team.

Johnny just read what he said. What an arse! He now has a big bullseye on his back. Johnny would love to see him get laid out by one of our guys while reaching for a pass! :stuck_out_tongue:

Marsh has not played enough at QB ( other that 3rd and one) to demonstrate that he is a competent passer. In his initial year, as a rookie, he did win one game with a long pass to Deslauriers. Since then its only been 3rd and 1 for him only. Against Hamilton Marsh did engineer one long series of plays beginning around the Als 20 yd line and, concluding with Bede being within his kicking range in the TiCat end of the field. This happened in the last 5.5 minutes of the game. Marsh completed 1 pass for a first down, threw 2 incomplete passes. Rutley moved the ball 3 times, only 1 for first down yardage, usually right up the middle. Giguere made two running sweeps, one for a first down, one for 7 yds,followed by 3 y for the first down. Marsh threw a 7 yd pass to Rutley who turned it into a first down.Then Bede kicked the winning 3 points.

In this series, Marsh did complete 1 10 yard pass. He was incomplete for 2 passes and, a short pass turned into a first down by Nik Lewis’s barging his way for it. Giguere ran the sweep twice, once for a first down and, secondly he used his brute strength to get 3 yds to make it a first down. In this series, Giguere ran with speed and power and, this play has been very effective. Rutley’s tough running for 5-7yards was effective in also taking time off the running clock. Nik Lewis acted like a bull dozer turning 7 yds into a 1st down. Marsh was the manager of this, and did his 3 and 1 as usual.

Before all the above, it was Cato who threw the 50 yd pass to Rutley. Marsh can manage a game and,complete a few short passes but, there is nothing in his history with the team, to conclude that he can manage a game in which the pass is the major thrust. Will the coaches give Marsh ongoing opportunity to develop his passing?As we have noted, a QB, wanting to improve his skills, this requires playing. I believe Giguere’s ability to run wide can improve our running game. In addition there would be opportunity for play action. Add Rutley or Sutton and we have a good running game,