BC at Montreal Game Thread- Saturday, September 2, 2023

Woo hoo! The first game of the weekend is only 5 hours away.

I have been pining for the fjords as John Cleese would say since Thursday. It’s too bad there is no more Thurs-Sun slate of games as we have become accustomed to but understandable.

This game is hard to predict and chances are it will be a good one. Both teams are coming off of one sided losses. BC will be trying to reestablish themselves as a contender for #1 in the West while Montreal will be trying to show they are clearly the second best team in the East and give Toronto something to think about down the home stretch.

Looking forward to it.


Hoping the CFL views this configuration as a success & we see it again next year. My favourite by far. As for next weekends triple header… :nauseated_face:.


My only issue is the number of ridiculous “short weeks” that originate … especially when the “victim” has to travel … they need to address that somehow.


In honor of Jimmy Buffet, I’ll be having a margarita during tonight’s game.
Not planning to get wasted, though.


Stayed at a place in Jamaica for two weeks… Margaritaville was next door to the hotel


You must be a fellow parrot head.

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TiCats play Monday and then travel to OTT for Thursday night!

I just checked and the game is Friday night, so a little better. Unfortunately all teams get short weeks and perhaps they can improve that next year without losing the Thurs-Sun schedule.

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Surprised there is no pre-game coverage for the first game of the labour day weekend. Owell.

Go Als!

I’ll be pulling for the Lions as most of you know. But the Als’ Worthy, Stanback, Lemon…yikes! Lions have been derailed a few times this year. Back to back losses against teams they should have beaten. :disappointed: Time to get back on track. :joy_cat:

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Time for me to head down to the man-cave. See you guys shortly. :+1:


I still couldn’t tell you with any confidence who I think will win this one, although I picked the Lions in the pool.

It will be the team that dominates the lines. Yeah that’s it.

Good thing the game isn’t in Winnipeg. Up to 35 degrees or so again and about 40 with the humidex. It might be pretty hot tomorrow in Regina as well.

If VA doesn’t get the protection he needs it will be a long night for the Lions. The Als’ Shawn Lemon is looking to make some lemonade tonight!

Duke Ellingson playing his first game of the season tonight.

Great possession receiver with great hands but no doubt will be pretty rusty. Still great for Montreal to get him back.

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go lions go

I was wondering about him. He is a real threat to any team. Lions deep coverage has been terrible lately. Hopefully they have sharpened their coverage and tackling skills.

Great looking Als uniforms.:+1:


They look like they’re playing the Cleveland Browns though.

Lions Hatcher and Hollins will be VA’s go to guys tonight I think.