BC at Montréal- Game 12 -2022-09-09

Can’t drop that Reggie

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Really gotta keep the foot on the pedal, we love to blow leads

Sutton is solid when he plays in the box

And they did ... but need to keep the pedal to the metal.

Zach Lindley is a great get in the 8th round. Really good in the special teams


GREAT "defence" by the punt return team .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harris is not a scrambler/runner ... but he has "functional mobility" to quote Verchval.

We need to be better to finish the job

Thankfully that was the last play of the half

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Als are +10:34 in time of possession ... BC defence not used to spending so much time on the field.

For once, they are running the ball and it’s working !

BC is a totally difft team without Rourke.

La première drive leur a pris 5 minutes! Donc, 5 minutes à l’offensive sur 25 par la suite!

Mustafa Johnson is making good impression !


HOW THE #$%@ does Pipken get to stay in the game when Harris got pulled by the "spotter" at the very end of the game against Hamilton ???

Time to switch Gagnon with Lestage

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Bad pass by Harris ... or ... did Harris expect Weineke to "come back to the ball" instead of heading out towards the sideline ... either way, INT

Better not let this game slip away.

They have

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Harris not doing much. I would put DD in. He can kill some time with his legs.