BC at Montréal- Game 12 -2022-09-09

While I hope to be wrong, I definitely don't expect the Alouettes to win against BC. BC has definitely a better team.


Some interesting comments from John Bowman:

“Being around Rick Campbell and seeing what he does and how he treats the players and his efficiency and his philosophy, he’s the same way,” Bowman said of his boss in B.C.

“Everything is precise times, moving fast, practicing in chaos so when the game time comes, it’s not as chaotic and hectic. Guys simplify it and it slows down in their minds. We’re not on the field long, we meet longer than we are on the field, and it’s the same kind of mood. It’s always good versus good for the most part and it’s the same kind of mood as when I was playing and the Alouettes were having success under Trestman in the early days.”

“When it comes to philosophy and thinking and all that kind of stuff, it’s Trestman,” Bowman said. “Trestman was the ultimate mind-pleaser. He made everybody feel like they were All-Pros all the time, just the energy he gives and the way he talks to you.”

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Les Alouettes ne gagneront pas cette partie, à moins d'un heureux hasard, comme lorsque les Bou! Bombers se sont enfargés à la maison plus tôt cette année.

La question qui demeure est davantage l'ampleur du massacre à venir, et si Campbell aura le loisir de mettre Adams sur le terrain en fin de partie pour ménager O'Connor. Ce serait un beau cadeau à lui faire...

Are the hornblowers going to be there?

Where lucky that Pepkins is the QB

Maybe Rourke isn't THAT good, the rest of the offence is ... kidding ... the Als defence apparently wasn't ready for a running QB (?!?!?!?!) and that set the tone for the first drive ... only saved by Pipken being Pipken.

Good way to start a career for Mustafa Johnson

pippy sucks


For once they used creativity and motion and Lewis throw a ball that he never should have thrown..

What a stupid play



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I like it personally, it was a "free" play and if Lewis throw the ball away, they would be no consequence

I like the idea of the play ... horrible decision by Lewis to force the pass.

This is a team that finds ways to beat themselves and your feed into it with this BS College play call when they have been shoving it up BC's throat on the ground... Incredible...

Idk, Id like to keep it simple on a second and 1, maybe try it on a 2nd and 2 or 3, but a qb sneak is an automatic first.

And here is VA

And down he goes.

On the TD drive, Vercheval mentioned something that surprised me ... Kaion Julien-Grant is apparently the Als fastest receiver

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