BC at Montreal - Game 1 Game thread

Yea FG Montreal! Only need 4 TDs now...

other then that crown royal commercial, there seems to be a much greater variety of ads this year.
i haven’t seen one tims or wendys commercial yet!

The replay earlier showed the ball was out just before hitting the turf.

Fractured ankle Brown, tough.

Nice try Gore but penalty Als. Excellent return Maypray.

Get the feeling this is going to get ugly...

21 points to go...

Another big touchdown play toss by Calvillo to Richardson and it's 17-3 Montreal.

it seems the CFL is an easier sell to advertisers then in previous years. this is great going into a contract year.

I've got between 61-70 so I hope the points continue to pour in. Lions haven't played badly yet the game is starting to slip away.

Yes, could be a blowout.

I’ve got between 61-70 also.

Richardson tough to wrap up. td Als. Lions look green.

24-3 Als; another big pass and run play by Richardson.

game over.

Nice throw.and catch Lions... TD Lions, well done.

Not sure AC can be stopped.

Akeem Foster has potential to be the next great Canadian receiver

Well B.C. finally gets a TD. Still thinking that they might be waaaaay overrated as a team.

Now I'm only 7 points away from my point totals pick and it's not even half time...starting to sweat...

im in total agreement.
i think the lions are over-rated.
i think they will be fighting for a playoff spot.

Totally forgot this started tonight. :oops:

Okay if Anthony Calvillo is out running your team, you officially suck...

Calvillo is surgical with the way he brakes down defenses