BC at Montreal - Game 1 Game thread

Just about game time and I don’t see any other game threads.

Looking forward to the CFL season finally being upon us, even if I don’t care who wins this game.

oh you should care. Be very afraid :wink:

Different uniforms for Montreal. No?

go b.c, sick of seeing montreal win

Looks like this game is on the NFL Network, hopefully they put on a good show.

Go Lions, the more losses for the Als, the better forr us!

Stanley Cup? :stuck_out_tongue:

Stanley is in Boston and S.J. Green just scored.

That didn't take long for the Als :o

Nice catch and throw by the Als, early lead at home.

ughh i hate anthony calvillo....

Looks like Whitaker is more than an ample replacement for Cobourne.

Post, no go. Hope Brown is ok.

The replay on the injury to Brown didn't look good.

Simon still has it. Yes backer, looked ugly.

Lulay can run.

anyone else notice the new corner end zone section of seats near the jumbo-tron was nearly empty?

looks like montreals sell-out streak is over.

Smart overthrow by Lulay.

Yes dg, did notice that.

3 for Lions, good drive.

Lions too many penalties.

Nice bounce back drive by the Lions. Lulay looked good on that drive.

Picked Montreal in both pools, and picked 41-50 for total points...only need 31 more points to be scored in this game.

Yes indeed, and good strip of the ball by an Als player on that one pass by Lulay to the goal line.

I thought it looked like the ground made it come out, but either way that was going to be a tough catch.