BC at Montreal - Friday Night Football game#1

First big game of the season for both teams. Chad Johnson home debut. Should be a fun night at Molson Stadium.

BC is favored to win small amount (-3). I think BC wins this game. I'll go with the score

BC Lions 30
Montreal 20

Game Thread begins now

It will be interesting to see which team has corrected their mistakes from last week.

Montreal wins 28-24.

If Troy Smith plays plays like he did last week , this will be ugly !

Huge play for the Als. Both Qbs guilty of zeroing in on their intended receivers too much

I see Glen hasn't corrected his mistakes . 5 int in 5 quarters. Ugly!!

Didn't he have only a few more all last year?

Brandon “Sweet Pea” Whitaker looking really good so far this season

BC hasn't improved their tackling either this week. I'm not sure how man tint Glenn had last year but I don't recall him ever giving up this many int's this quickly . BTW welcome aboard Winnipeg beach bomber . :thup:

I don’t have cable, and the new GameCast on CFL.ca doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone remember the URL from the old style game tracker? The one they used before last year? It was still working last year, but there was no link to it from the main page.

I'm starting to worry if Edmonton was that good or was BC that bad .

I thought both teams played well last week--in Edmonton's case, extremely well.

It might just be a slow start for BC this week. If not, I have the game recording and will catch it later, if it's any good.

So far my favorite games have been the two Winnipeg games and the Edm/BC game, even if it was a bit disheartening at the end.

I think the guy who did the power rankings this week is the same guy that picked the lions to win the Grey Cup

Great first half for the Als. Getting it done on all aspects of the game.
20-0 at the half.

:cowboy: B.C. Pussycats are an embarrassment to their province. No intensity, no creativity no emotion. Even the coach is in a trance no challenging an incompletion that puts them in field goal range. Sorry B.C. fans - ain't no home hosting of the Grey Cup. Wow - what a disappointing team!!!! :rockin: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Chad Johnson isn't exactly setting the CFL on fire - dropped that pass at the end of the 1st half. That's a shame. I hope he does well.

How did that replay get upheld? The receiver did not catch the ball. What a joke these refs are becoming and the so called CFL control panel.... it's absolutely embarrassing. They need a challenge for the replay booth now.

I thought, in the last 3 minutes, it was done by the league?

No beating around the bush eh Turkey

Either Montreal's front seven is that good or B.C 's o-line is that bad! Hoping it's not the latter or next week could be a tough game for my bombers and our beat up o-line! :?