BC at Hamilton GT, Fri July 1, 7 pm et, TSN1,3,4,5

Windy conditions always make for an extra interesting game so we'll see how Jennings manages.

D got burned on the JJ run :x

Wouldn't mind seeing a replay of that FG attempt. Bad snap? Missed hold? Tipped? Or just a bad kick? Because it started wide and stayed that way.

Great knock down by Simoni but he’ll be kicking himself for not catching it!! Got them off the field short of the FD though next play.

Leone’s kick sails wide left too!

Tough drop by Andy.

Lets get it back.

So if the defence is supporting the player off the ground....

Oh well.

How can someone with such large hands drop a ball?

86 yard punt (wind-aided, obviously) gives us another single point, 4-2 BC.

Two and out for BC, but quite the punt by Leone against that wind. We start at out 25, and it really would be nice to be leading at the end of this quarter while we have the wind.

Two Masoli passes were incomplete and it looked like the wind affected both of them. Masoli did improve as the game went on last week.

First quarter ends. Three two and outs and a turnover for our offence and a missed FG. And it's first and 10 for BC with them not being far outside FG range.

Need to fix what is wrong and get into this game.

Lets hope the wind drops in the second quarter.

Our “D” is doing quite well, the “O” is struggling a bit, as can be expected against the BC D, but lets get it together, guys!

Anyone else have a craving for one of these?


Hopefully they've melted before the end of the game.

Wind may have affected what would have been a TD pass for Burnham? Looked like Tisdale got burned there.

3rd and about an inch and BC will be in FG range after this.

BC OL is eating the Tigercats DL for breakfast.

Holding call by BC on 3rd and 1 ends the drive. That drive took up over 5:30 of the quarter in which BC had the wind.

Leone wide left again. 5-2 BC.

Against that wind why not go for it? You aren't gonna make the FG. Might as well go for the first down unless you need like 20 yards or something.

2nd and 5, Gable gains only 2. That's our 4th two and out.

Then a high snap leads to a bad punt. This team is lucky to be down by only three so far.

Agree a the fact that BC used up so much of their time with the wind and came out with very little to show for it is a bit of a break for our guys. However they HAVE to get something going on offense or te D is going to become ineffective from spending too much time on the field.

Tisdale burned big time there. Ouch. But saved the TD with the horsecollar. At least for now.

Was funny seeing BC that far offside, likely due to crowd noise.

But on 1st and 20, Jennings throws it deep to Tisdale is covering (Gore) , Tisdale horsecollars Gore after illegal contact on him.

We're seeing why he's been getting released?