BC at Hamilton GT, Fri July 1, 7 pm et, TSN1,3,4,5

Friday Night Football
B.C. Lions vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Fri 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Please note that the time listed is when TSN coverage of the game starts. Kickoff will be a later point.

Hamilton's home opener will be rocking -- hopefully the speakers and all the other in-the-air equipment will be secure and the team can concentrate on delivering another win for the faithful!

As for BC, they will be looking to keep in the win column after a big win at home against Calgary last week. I expect the Cats' front seven to make Jennings run for his life out of the pocket a lot, so we shall see how he holds up.

Oski Wee Wee,


70% Chance of thundershowers, 23C overnight 13C

Hope we don't get another lightning delay like last year........................... :frowning:

Simoni Lawrence sits down with the TSN crew for an interview at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/lawrence-i- ... est~902438 .

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The hourly forecast for tomorrow has the rain and possible thunderstorms clearing out by about 4:00PM with only a 10% chance of rain at game time wih a strong wind of 35 km/h from the NW. 18C at kickoff the forecast temp.


Happy Canada Day to the Tiger-Cats and to all Ti-Cat and CFL fans!!

It will be a great game tonight to celebrate Canada Day and the 2016 home opener at Tim Horton's Field with BC at Hamilton, a true Cat fight indeed.

We wish all the players a great game and lets chalk up another big W for the Tiger-Cats tonight.


High winds at THF? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: has there been a game yet without the wind tunnel effect?

maybe 1 or 2, probably the ones ive missed lol

happy Canada Day all!


Grr... 3 of the 4 games this week air on tv in America. Guess which game is left to be aired on the internet? This one. Oh well. Happy Canada Day from America!!

Crappy day outside but this type of weather is a recipe for a Cats win. Can't wait till kick-off...only what 11 hours now...goddamn.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian neighbors!

Watching the Jays game and they just showed what the weather currently is, not nice.
What is the forecast for rain/wind for the game tonight?

One thing this team has done during their time under Austin is really let the fans know how much we mean to the team and always speak so highly of the city, and the country as a whole of course. I know you expect these to be said but you genuinely believe it coming out of Austin’s and Lawrence’s mouths. Just makes all the time stressing over this stupid obsession seem like it’s worth it in some way. Wouldn’t ask for any better leader in Simoni or Austin as coach to represent our city and team.

I can’t wait for kickoff inching closer ever so slowly, good video to kill some time though.

Can anyone tell this dummy if the game is going to be on any other channel than TSN?

1st time on board. Sorry i meant i am the dummy. lol

Maybe i should introduce myself. Born on Herkimer street, Raised on the beach strip, Both my boys were born at Mac and we moved west in 89. Grew up around watching the cats and visited Angelo Mossca at his residence when he lived in Lasalle towers in Burlington.

TSN has exclusive broadcast rights to the CFL - so no it will not be on any other channel.

Welcome Mike

Hi folks!

Kickoff is imminent.

Got a nice drive going - until the sack and Maher misses the FG. Looks like it had a little bit of "wind" assist though. Either that or he tried to overcompensate. :frowning: