BC at Hamilton Game Day Thread, 1900hrs EST

Since it's already 1200hrs, and Russ (oski-oui-oui) must be enjoying the day in Montreal instead of starting Game Day Threads, I thought I'd jump on that sword and take on the challenge.

The Lions could be a tough team to play against, with Andrew Harris being the best RB in the League at the moment, and Travis Lulay always being an enigma (meaning, you can never figure him out - he can be hot or cold). On Defence, "Team 100" is nothing to scoff at.

We have the most inexperienced receiving corps we have had this season playing tonight, but ALL of them are play makers. Given the protection that the O-Line has been giving Zach, I'm sure he can spring more than one of them for big gains, while leaning on Tasker for possession-type plays.

Hoping to keep the THF winning streak alive with a victory over the West Coast Cats!

I don't think Russ will mind you starting this thread for him. I predict he will show up later today and thank you for doing it.

Should be a hot and sticky one tonight. I hope everyone (near me) remembers their deodorant. :lol: :lol: :lol:

The key to me will be for the (eastern) Cats to score early and make the (western) cats give up on the run. Harris is the best RB at this moment, but will be going up against the best run D. That kind of combination usually (but not always) favours the D. I hope it holds true tonight.

Oh yeah, and BRING THE NOISE!! especially when they are in their huddle. If a key player mishears the play call due to the NOISE and flubs accordingly, it will continue the great start for the 13th man, in his quest for an MVP season.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Yup - game time humidex predicted to be 35C. It certainly is a humid and VERY hazy day out there. Can barely make out THF through the haze from my balcony on Queen Street.


I hope you remember to take your own advice, Mike! lol

Lions - 12
Cats - 29

Indeed! Thanks DCF!

Looking forward to the streak continuing tonight! :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,


Any time, Russ!

Hmm. Looking like Round 3 of the PGA tournament is running REALLY late. I wonder which - if any - of the TSN feeds is going to have the start of the Cats game? If they stick with golf until it finishes it will be close to halftime before some of the TSN channels have the game. That's not good for ratings. :frowning:

Here's to the TSN panel devoting 100% of their hot air towards the superiority of Travis Lulay and the Lions!

Scratches tonight: Hazime and Omara

Not to fear, the game is on the main station as planned. Golf is relegated to the subsidiaries...

"Hamilton is a Smoker!"( Rod Black 2015)





I have TSN radio on to avoid the POS in the TV booth. :wink:

Sinkfield making an early statement!!

Good return by Sinkfield, Collaros scrimmages from the our 34, then passes to Sink for a 9-yd gain, then he gets a 20-yd run!

Canada needs to pass a national law, which restricts Rod Black to figure skating coverage only.

As did you...

lol.. yes I did!!!!!

TD SPEEDY B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!