BC at Edmonton Game Thread

Nobody watching this game? Looks wet! I could see a lot of rushing yards in this, both have shifty quick running backs.

Sounds like this game could be delayed at some point with lightning in the area. I don’t expect a high scoring affair unless the weather improves.

First big play of the game is a coaching mistake by Bill Belic... err, Mike Benvides. You can't expect a backup QB to go out in a downpour and get his first touch of the game on a wet slippery ball and expect him to get a solid yard for a first down.

What the hell? Does the Eskimos have little rain clouds following them around?

Of course if the Eskimos win, then they are going to want to play in the rain all the time...

Edmonton looking decent in the opening quarter. Good balance by Charles on the slippery field.

I still think the conditions favour BC, as they have a much better O-line than Edmonton, and Harris is better than Charles. Both teams have pretty solid D's though, don't expect either team to score more than 15-20 points with the weather like this.

This gamethread sums it up nicely, not much action.

How many times to the Eskimos have to take time outs because they are unorganized on special teams. It's pathetic.

Is Stamps playing in this game?

Do I hear crickets chirping ?

Not much excitement on the field, but the game is starting to get pretty chippy. I thought Dante Marsh easily could have been flagged for standing over top of Koch and chirping in his face after he essentially did nothing on a ball over Koch's head. Now McCarty gets the flag, although I think it was one of the O-linemen that hit a BC defender after the whistle.

I say the weather benefits EE. They used to water the field down in the past so the opposition would slip.

BC is used to playing indoors.

Maybe if it was still natural grass, but it’s turf. I was just going to mention how this would be 10 times worse if it was on the old field. Besides, the Lions don’t practice at BC Place so I’m sure they’re used to it.

It appears that Edmonton's first field goal was a fluke, as neither team can even handle the snap now.

Its like the Canucks against the oilers

Its like the Canucks against the oilers

I'm not so sure either team will get 200 total yards of offense. I think a defensive turnover will win this one.

You might be right the Esks have played back to back in this type of weather plus I'm sure some of the training camp was in bad weather.

It’s just turf. A couple of years ago with the natural grass I would give the Eskimo’s a favourable edge, but all the fields are pretty much the same now.

Not just the field but the ball and the rain . Every turf has it's differences .