BC at Edmonton Game Thread- Friday September 22, 2023- Marquee Matchup: Plenty on the line for Lions, Elks

TORONTO — This week’s CFL Pick ‘Em presented by Old Dutch Marquee Matchup is third and final regular season meeting between the Edmonton Elks and BC Lions.

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Gawd I hope not. Even though I want the Lions to win this is starting to feel like a schoolyard bully beating up the smallest kid around. The last few meeting have been so lopsided it’s not funny. Let’s have a real game here.

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I think we may have a real game. It was obvious Corny was having trouble reading defences and blitzes in particular. Ford - not so much. He seems to do well against the blitz and make the right play in getting the ball out.

That and Brown is rolling. It’s tougher to stop an offence when the run game is going.


Same question as for the thread for the other game tonight - maybe these system threads can be made the game threads?


Today they can.


Well…Ottawa has their game in hand (hopefully)…so just flipped to watch BC walk one in on the Elks…

Woot!!! Nice pic Kai Grey…

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Good start for Edmonton. Just tuned in for the replay.

This game has to be better than the first one doesn’t it?


More points right there than we have scored against BC all season so far.

BC has not been the same since the beat down in Winnipeg.

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I stumbled upon a way to get ‘better’ depth chart jpgs:

(Adobe is allowing us to convert from pdf to jpeg using THEIR conversion tools for free) :grinning: :+1:


I originally thought that Edmonton was up on the pick 6 but see that BC scored a TD earlier so it’s 7-7.

But terrible tackling by Edmonton gives BC an easy TD. 14-7 BC.

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Well, the riders pooped the bed for you Elk fans.
your welcome
But can the Elk do themselves a good turn.
They are looking good I must admit

Not so good looking in the last few minutes though. Looking more like it could be a BC blowout.

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With Sasky losing Edmonton has to win this one to get close in the standings…

And BC walks in for another TD…

21-7 BC…

Edmonton declining the tackle option.

Two easy TD’s and a 68 yard return by BC without really being touched in the last 5-10 minutes.

Not looking great for Edmonton. 21-7

Net yards in the first quarter: BC 189 Edmonton 8 and they’re now regressing with another Ford sack. They could be in minus yard territory. This one could be over two minutes into the second quarter unless bad Vernon makes a few more appearances.

Guess there is now enough film on T. Ford


Right you are Jon. This is ‘New and Improved CFL’.

(Before watching this game, ask your doctor if ‘New and Improved CFL’ is right for you).

I would say BC seems to be crowding the line of scrimmage to pressure Ford to make quick decisions…And, he’s not experienced enough to do that yet…


Ford needs to get Edsel more involved at this point in his development.

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BC gets half a field to work with after that punt…

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Elks get the ball back on an INT???