BC hung tough with 2 kick return TD's and made a game of it .Otherwise BC would have been run over . Even though Calgary's offence is still not close to what we are used too. BO did a good job facing 2nd and long all night .
On to the reffing ..... I believe they called a Paredes convert wide that looked good :roll: also made a ridiculous OFF. PI call on Calgary . He leapt for the ball over the defender and made a great catch . Awful call !

Interesting game tonight. B.C. made a game of it with some special teams magic and a 3rd string qb. who threw the long ball which had not been seen in the Lions' offence for some time. Then, it opened up the running game of Harris.
A terrible call against a Calgary receiver should have been overturned as it was a spectacular catch not offensive pass interference in any form. Calgary won but the Lions showed some spark for the first time in many, many games.

This just in: Chris Rainey is good at returning punts & kicks.

Wow, that guy is an explosive returner. A threat to score every time he touches the ball like Speedy Banks in Hamilton

Have we just seen the second coming of Casey Printers... He seems to bne a servicable qb who turns into superman when the play breaks down.. The one pick into double coverage was terrible, but otherwise he seemed to be a CP clone. Hopfully he doesnt have an attitude and expect his linemen to pick up his fumbles

So, let me get this straight. Your view of the convert from your couch in your living room was better than the officials who were actually on the field underneath the posts?

After a rather dull first half, it turned out to be a lights out exciting game in the second half.

Was very close , Paredes thought was good and he was on the field . And .... I used the word " I believe " didn't claim it as a fact .

From the couch angle on TV it looked like the ball went directly above the goal post, meaning not good!

Very well could have been over the post. I would hope it was reviewed ?

Just a note since ref calls came into play.

Fantastic call by the refs in the forth quarter.

BC receiver's feet were in the endzone but ball did not cross the line. Great call at full speed, didn't really need a video review.

It was a good call but the off. PI call against Calgary was awful. You can't screw that call up. I understand ref's make mistakes , that wasn't the case. He made that call up out of thin air. That is an unacceptable call in a pro sport !

I was expecting a blow out and that did not happen. I guess that's saying something. Jennings [QB for B.C.] is the guy to go with in my books. I remember watching him in the exhibition games and I was impressed. Beck is the more experienced so I guess that's reason enough to go with Beck but I'm glad to see how well Jennings did.

Things may be different in Edmonton as the Esks will have had a chance to review the film and get a better idea of Jennings' weaknesses.

Rainey is a keeper for the Lions! It's great to see how this guy can break a return wide open. Someone actually had a chance to win $1M had Rainey returned another kick off for a TD. Too bad, so sad.

I do not know what made the difference with Harris after Jennings took over the controls. Why was that not happening last game and before Jennings took over? I don't get it.

Jennings will also have some time taking first reps which should hopefully make a difference.

I typically side with the ref's, mostly because there is too much whining here about ref'ing as an excuse for losing BUT in this case it wasn't a question of a marginal or debatable call - from all the replays I didn't see any contact at all prior to the catch between receiver and DB - seems like a true phantom call.

Unfortunately, offensive PI isn't reviewable. I do hope this official has a call from the head of officiating to ask "explain to me what you saw that warranted a PI call?"