BC at Calgary

BC has got to be explosive and error free I think to get by Calgary.
No doubt Calgary will show some early rust so some quick BC points early would be a plus.

Weather looks good...sunny and 7 or so it seems after some snow this week. Not sure about the wind. BC hasn't been outdoors for a while.

Should be an interesting game.

I still have some concerns about BC defense, especially the secondary. And I hope Manny can go...

Lions' defensive coordinator Mark Washington had better have an A+ game plan up his sleeve for us to pull this one out. Like you, the secondary concerns me somewhat. I DON'T want to see Bighill drop back into Cover 2. BLM will kill us in the flats if that's the case. We're going to need pressure against that vaunted Calgary O-line and force BLM into throwing before he's ready. If he has all day to throw like last time we played them, goodnight Irene.

I think we will see Rainey on offense quite a bit on Sunday. They need to test the perimeter of the Stamps D-Line.

And the one area of vulnerability on the Stamps D is the deep ball. A Lions strength.

But it's will be an uphill struggle I suspect.

No turnovers, adjust to prairie outdoor football. Win the TOP.

I'm voting for Calgary to win it all but if BC wins I'll cheer for them in the cup. A well rested Calgary will be a hard team to beat.

Just no answer all day long hey?

Very little pressure and shockingly poor secondary play.

But a good foundation for next year.

What this game does reinforce is just how good BLM and the Stamps are and how high the bar is set by them.

Gonna be hard for Ottawa to keep it close.