BC at Calgary GT, Fri. Sept. 18, 8:30 pm ET, TSN

BC Lions vs Calgary Stampeders
Tonight at 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Jon Cornish returns tonight to the Stampeder line-up. That in itself makes tonight's task for the Lions much more difficult. Expect Calgary to be out for blood in this one after losing to the Esks last week!

BC needs to win to keep ahead of the Bombers as well as the Alouette crossover possibility re the playoffs.

More on this one at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/cornish-ret ... ons~706860 .

Oski Wee Wee,


37 yard FG, 3-0 Calgary

Leone misses his FG attempt for BC but in running it out (and taking a holding penalty) the Stamps are now deep in their own end. End of the 1st quarter.

6-0 Calgary after one quarter.

TD pass completed to Fuller early in the 2nd but Mitchell misses the 2 pt conversion - not sure who was supposed to be catching the ball but it landed on the turf in the end zone.

After an interesting turn of events, Beck is sacked - AND injured - Calgary picks up the loose ball and almost gets it to the end zone for the score. One play to Harrison gets the score but Paredes misses the convert too! :oops:

18-3 Stamps at the 3 minute warning.

Jennings is looking pretty sharp and taking shots down the field - if only the receivers could hang on. Leone with FG #2 to end the half.

18-6 Stamps who are not galloping away with this one - yet.

18-6 Calgary as the third quarter commences.

Rainey proving to be a VERY good pick up for BC as he returns the 2nd half opening K/O 103 yds for the TD. :thup:

12-18 Horses

Chris Rainey with a 103-yard kickoff return to start the second half for BC -- 18-13 Calgary now.

So now the receiver can't make contact with the defender when jumping up to catch a pass :roll: - because unless I missed something, that's the only contact that I saw by Fuller who was called for OPI! Can't be challenged of course either.
Bradbury & crew are at it again! :thdn: :roll:

Jennings picked off - bad choice of target.

Will the Leos be having nightmares of team that wear black and red I wonder after this game (if they lose) :slight_smile:

Paredes with a FG off the turnover 21-13 horses half way thru the 3rd

Harris starting to run all over the Stamps D. Meanwhile I don't think that Cornish has done much so far to narrow the gap to the rushing leader.

Rainey with his SECOND return TD of the night - off the punt this time. speedy B better watch out or he’ll be losing his rep as the best returner :smiley: :o

And Jennings gets a do-over on the 2 pointer due to a Calgary offside. Harris into the end zone for 2 and it is a TIE game early in the 4th! 21-21 :o

Quick response from the horses who get a food return from Saunders (just not as fast as Rainey) and score a few plays later.

Have just scored another major off a 3rd BC turnover to increase the score by 14.

Jennings with a HUGE completion to Hawkins and threatening to score but is picked off by Raymond in the end zone on the potential TD toss.
Leos D makes short work of the horses - or should that be "meat"? :smiley: and have possession again with 3 minutes remaining and down by 14.

Jennings gets them to the goal line but they are JUST short on 3rd and goal and turn the ball over again. Quick 2 and out for the horses and Maver will give up 2.

Jennings can certainly move the pocket and get the ball away, eluding defenders. He’s looked pretty impressive in relief of Beck and by the looks of it, he’ll be starting again with Beck’s injury looking like a possible shoulder problem.

On a last-ditch attempt to narrow the score, Jennings is intercepted in the end zone again with 2 seconds remaining.

35-23 final for the Stamps but have to say that Jennings gave the Leos offense as much spark as they've had all season (sorry Travis).