Benevides must be the worst coach in the CFL hands down. He has the mentality and his team has fully bought in to the strategy of PLAYING THE SCORE–

I understand that you are up by 21 points, but since when is a DEFENSE to line everyone up 15 yards off the ball like a rugby team with no movement and no one even near a short receiver-

Edmonton was allowed to get 2 late TDS because BENEVIDES and STUBLER brainchilds believe that it is ok to let teams score tds–

Real teams play defense the entire game, this is complete bs.

totally agree lions do not have a chance against Calgary or sask. in the playoffs. Logan does help, buck helps but this is not a grey cup team too many holes look who they beat ??????

say good bye lions

oh yeah does anybody care just over 24,000 tonight.

The coaches were just trying to manage the game in the fourth quarter.

Points prevented are great. But the only stat that really matters is wins and losses, of which Bene and Stubs did just fine last Friday. Ten or eleven wins, when seven of them are against the two best teams all year, isn’t completely terrible. Edmonton and Winnipeg are terrible. They lost another by one point on the road in Montreal, or they’d be at 11 wins right now. Remember that BC won the cup in 1994 after an 8-10 season under head coach Dave Ritchie, so anything is possible. Don’t throw them under the bus two weeks before the playoff game.

The idea behind zone is to make the quarterback hold the ball too long and/or make poor decisions, while also forcing the QB to manage a ten or twelve play drive to score without making a mistake that forces a punt… Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: